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Oil Delivery (thankfully!)

We had to order oil on Monday, as we were out of oil (again). At least this time I didn't let it get down as far as last time! The furnace was still working, in other words.

I called this morning to find out when they'd come by and was told 'any time.' It was 61 in the house when we got up, so Marilyn had suggested I warm it up before they arrived. But you're supposed to have it off when they get there, so I decided not to risk it.

I turned on the electric furnace in the family room, anyway.

I went back to bed -- the best way to stay warm. Plus I didn't sleep well last night. Probably got too much sleep yesterday. (And, yeah, I still have my nasty cold. Sister Sue was freaked about that, but it has to run its course, and that usually means two weeks for me...

They delivered the oil around 11:00.

Then I changed out of my night clothes and bundled up and went out to 'stick the oil,' Dad. He'd be pleased, seriously. Just as I was taught early on, and just as I've done my entire life. I'll probably be doing it until the day I die.

We had 250 gallons (give or take -- using the stick is somewhat inaccurate). We just got 200 gallons, so that means we were down to 50 gallons. Too low, but whatever. (Sorry, Dad!)

200 gallons were $532.00

We get a 'cash discount' (if you pay cash when it's delivered), so it was actually $512.00.

Candy is coming over now to get the key to the beach house. She hasn't seen our 'new' furniture, so I'm excited to show her.
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