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Wide Awake... | The Electricians Were Here Today!

What a day!

The Electricians wer here today. Marilyn and I had quite a long list we wanted done.

Marilyn was -- of course -- at work (having an extremely stressful day). I was here at home to hold down the fort.

I really, really like both Brett and Matt. Good guys! Hard workers who are very concerned with what they're doing for us.

I started my day with a shower. After all these months (back in April until now) I still find showers very uncomfortable (and even painful). But I managed to get that done. And dry my own hair! (Imagine finding that an accomplishment!)

Then I had to find boxes and pack up and move what was on the counters in both the bathrooms. (Mine was worse because I have so much more on my counter...)

I kept the heat pretty low -- both guys were happy about that later. They get quite uncomfortable if the house is too warm!

I helped move furniture and so on. They were working one upstairs and the other down. I was there second call, so they didn't arrive until around 11:00. Brett told me they could knock it out in one day, but they had complications.

The good news was that they fixture in the main kitchen area was fine! The ceiling will need painting there eventually, but it was no trouble removing the old fixture and installing the new one.

These domes are very cool! They don't use lightbulbs at all! Once they go, you replace the entire unit. Brett says they last for many, many years. Very pretty!

Both Marilyn and I think they make the house seem bigger! With the lights with big bulky (ugly) fans finally gone, the ceilings seem much higher! Plus they are so bright and white. Everything seems cleaner, believe it or not.

I love the new can lights (recessed lighting)! They are so much more lovely than what we've had before. The ones in the bathroom are done, but he needed parts he couldn't get todat, I'm afraid. So Marilyn's closet isn't done, yet.

The new light strip above her mirror is lovely and bright! Much nier than the old one -- especially as her old one was down to onlt two working bulbs! Haha.

I also got a new strip in my bathroom. So nice! At one point I just kept turning it on and off! Marilyn also got two new outlets in her bedroom. So convenient!

We got an unexpected light fixture in the upstairs hallway. But because another one had a broken globe, Brett took the globe from that one. He'll get us a new one next week. All we've ever had there is a bare bulb, so it's a nice change!

Aside from not getting Marilyn's closet done, they didn't get to our outside lights in the back. It's wat too dark out there! I couldn't tell while they were here in daylight, but tonight -- bad deal. I wonder if he turned off the breaker to those lights, or what?

Plus one of our lamps in the living room -- the one we usually always leave on -- went belly up today.

I got cash and gave the guys each a little Christmas present from us. They were pleased and grateful. And gave them each a bag with some treats. Such nice guys.

Marilyn came home early. Tonight was our annual party at Micky's house!!!

Micky, Vern, Julie, Stacy (no e) and Shannon were there. We ha a good time. Dinner and TONS of conversation, as always.

(Just for the record, Julie's husband is Greg, Stacy's husband is Tim and Shannon's serious boyfriend is Zach.)

I'm going to try and sleep now. I'm in pain tonight. But it's not strange, considering.

Tomorrow we're having Carla and Gary over to the house.

We'll do some additional cleaning up and tidying earlier, as they won't be here until later.
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