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Quiz for today:

How do you recommend I lie down to rest and/or sleep?

I'm generally a side sleeper. But I just had injections in both hips -- and it's still pretty sore...

Lie on my back? My damn postherpetic neuralgia (shingles) pain is really acting up right now. Ouch! My back is seriously not an option.

Lie on my tummy? Well, I used to be big on sleeping on my stomach years ago. (Also, we used to put babies down on their stomachs to sleep -- we didn't know any better! I feel awful remembering that...) Large chested women (I am one) don't find it very comfortable to sleep face down, no matter how you arrange your pillows. I've discussed this with other large breasted women, who agree... Anyway, I just had a minor surgery on my chest (right breast, to be exact). So that hurts quite a bit when I try lying face down.

Somehow I took a long nap, even so. Not sure which direction I was sleeping!!! Hahaha. If you're tired enough, you make do, I suppose.

I'm not really dying here. But I do feel sore all over! It's like I've been in a train wreck! Hahaha. Yikes. My body is pissed off with me. I guess it's a lot all at once...

Well, tomorrow is our party at work. I was strongly encouraged not to miss it by Marilyn. At one point I nearly bowed out when our electrical repair company offered to come tomorrow. But I'm excited to be there at the party. I miss every body!

I was trying to arrange for both Kris and Donn to attend, but messed that up, I'm afraid. Oh well. Maybe I'll do better next year!

Marilyn and I managed to go both to Costco and Freddie's after she got home from work. Time now to wake up and wrap our packages!

Christmas is very expensive for us. The gift exchange is only $20 each. But we both have people on staff we give large gifts to. Plus we give to everyone on the staff. We also give to people like our hairdressers and so on. And to many of our neighbors. Plus Marilyn gives out numerous large tips to service people, including gas station attendants and waitresses (etc.). (I imagine she'd prefer I didn't mention it, as normally I'm the only one who knows that...) I did not mean to sound as if we mind the expense -- we don't. It's very important to us to be generous. We know we're blessed and very fortunate to have all we do. We believe we should share with everyone around us as a matter of course. I'm glad we're able to do it.

Bedtime beckons! I'll be tired in the morning, come what may...

Johnnie was such a good boy today! He's just the sweetest cat ever! He's sound asleep beside me now...
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