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Body? Good Deal! Hangin' in There!


Background: I've had a Sebaceous breast cyst on my right breast for far more than a year. I used to ask about it all the time, but Leslie didn't find it serious. It started out like a spider bite, but grew over time. Anyway, this past wekend it went nuts and became HUGE. Hard and quite painful. We were thinking we could open it ourselves, but fortunately didn't try.

Thankfully got a same-day appointment at 2:15. It was quite the thing to treat! Using huge needles and a scalpel to cut it open, plus tweeters to pull out the remaining gland. Wow, did it hurt. I had to apologize for cursing at one point! Thankfully Marilyn was there beside. I thought I'd faint at one point. And I was bucking like a stallion! Yikes. But I was glad I decided to just get it done with.

Basically my tit was cut open yesterday, and it was painful and icky. Not like when you open a boil at all. Not wet and not pus -- something hard. Plus blood, of course.

After that we went to get a manicure! Last night we went to Jubitz Cinema at the Jubitz Truck Stop with Jessica. She'd never seen a movie there before. We saw "The Girl in the Spider's Web." It's one of the Lisbeth Salander stories. No popcorn -- their popcorn machine was on the fritz! We had to go into the store and get cheese popcorn. Geez. But at least I got a beer!


I had another appointment with Leslie. This time I got bursal injections in both of my hips. The last time I got these was two days before I broke out in shingles, back in April of this year!

We had planned to go to Costco, but are putting it off until tomorrow night (after work). We did run out briefly to Freddie's, though...

Hard to say tonight which pain is worse. The postherpetic neuralgia (shingles) is sore tonight. My chest hurts, but also itches. I'm on antibiotics for that. The hips hurt, but it's not horrible (I guess).

Anyway, this should wrap it up for 2018, I think! Hahaha!!!

Blogging in my (much cleaner) bedroom tonight. Marilyn and I have been seriously CLEANING our house x- every single room. (Including the laundry room and garage.) My bedroom has been the last to get any real attention. Partly because every time we clean ant other spot things come here. And partly because I needed to clean around Johnnie. This is a start, but there's far more to do in here...

There's more to do in the laundry room and garage, too, for that matter! But now we've done something in every room. Woo hoo!!!

Off to bed soon. I'm taking it easy again tomorrow (as I mostly did today). Except for garbage and recycling (preparing for Thursday), there's not much to do, anyway...

I did talk to sister Sue for around an hour today. And had a long, lovely chat with my friend June, too. Marilyn had an extremely busy day at work.

It's time for Marilyn to get to the doctor now -- well past time, actually!

She is playing her ukulele at a Sing-along tomorrow. She's been working very hard, practicing almost every single day. Good for her!!!

More soon...

Sweet dreams, everybody!
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