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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
...one page at a time
Minor Frustrations 
Did you know Apple is so damn desperate for you (people) to sign up for their Music service that they have made it totally IMPOSSIBLE to simply link an album in iTunes? I kept trying, thinking it was ridiculous. I mean, how could I share an album with a friend at iTunes if that was true???

Well, it is true. I found several articles confirming it. I'm far from the only one unhappy about it, but there is absolutely no fighting Apple about anything. And if you think for one minute they care what you (we) think, then think again. Not so.

I just saw where three previous blogs of good friends here at Livejournal were deleted and purged. Why? It makes me so sad! I understand leaving LJ. Many of my friends have disappeared over the years. But to erase all you ever shared here! It's like putting a knife through a beautiful painting...

Again, I doubt anybody cares how I feel about it. It's certainly the right of the person blogging to eliminate their efforts if they so wish. But I miss being able to read those past words. That's just me.

Me who has yet to go back to reading the blogs of dear friends! This year has been so hard. And now I'm being asked to journal about health. I tried that before and failed -- I'm not sure why. Right now I can barely motivate myself to blog at all. My mind doesn't work the way it used to. I suppose it will again one day. Meanwhile, I'll muddle along...

I need to share a batch of photos! That would help me catch up on some recent events!

Yesterday was the visit -- FINALLY!!! -- to the Pain Management Specialist. We call him Dr. Tom (because his last name is basically unpronounceable). I liked him -- he's very likable. Both Marilyn and I loved Kara, the Physical Therapist. And we actually learned some things.

I'm confused about exactly how we're proceeding with the medications. He seemed to favor acupuncture when I mentioned it, but I don't know if he gave me a referral or not. Okay! Checking my paperwork with Marilyn (what an idea, huh?) it appears he did. I wonder if insurance will cover it? In the past it was never covered, but times have changed...

I love you all! Please stick around. I'd hate to see your blogs go. And if you're a reader who doesn't blog, consider trying it. We're pretty nice here. And to those who prefer to simply read, that's good, too.

Yesterday I had FINALLY managed to figure out the issue that I've been working on for two months -- no lie. Hours and hours of my time. I was extremely pleased when I managed the task.

So here's an interesting part of the story: I had notes on how to do it. Bad notes! As I keep telling people, I had 'fudged' them. Written a sort of shorthand version. I bet it made sense at some point. Anyway, I typed up two versions (actually two different things, done in nearly the same way). They were perfect! I'm ready to save -- I thought I had! But I get a blue screen of death and my computer shuts down! WTF?!

Did I try again after my appointment? No. Not feeling mentally up for it. Today? No.

By tomorrow I'll be lucky to remember! But I guess I'll start all over again... I'm willing to put in the time, anyway! Still haven't crowed to Kris. I was close to having him tackle it. Glad I didn't.

That's all for tonight. Pleasant dreams!
December 13, 2018 (Thursday) 03:31 pm (UTC)
I never truly understood why people just delete their journals unless they've backed them up elsewhere like Dreamwidth (a place I do not like). It's sad, really.

I am so sorry you're in so much pain that you need a specialist and I hope it helps, Charlie. Nobody should have to go through what you are going through.
December 13, 2018 (Thursday) 11:17 pm (UTC)
I hope the medication and/or acupuncture works out and you start feeling better!