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Sister Sue, Revisited -- And Then There Are GOOD Days...

If you were with me in yesterday's blog entry, you know I was discussing my sister Sue -- and how she has been failing. Yesterday was a BAD day.

Today? The exact opposite!

She was extremely aware, very on point and understood the word 'cognizant' with no prompting at all! We were laughing and just enjoying one another entirely. This was the Sue I've known for years and been so close to.

I guess I shouldn't give up yet, that's for sure!

Here's an interesting thing: She was talking quite a bit today about the robot cat we gave her. How she loves it and so on. But when she's having a bad day she doesn't even mention it. I wonder what that means? The whole idea with the robot cat is to help people dealing with dementia... Anyway, that's just an aside.

Marilyn finished NaNoWriMo!!! (woo hoo) I'm so proud of her!

For Marilyn to even attempt NaNo is amazing, considering what she goes through at work. But she's always amazing -- as you all have heard me say forever. Facts being facts!

Other quick notes for today...

I had talked to June yesterday and Jim had brought up a chair from the basement. She'd been admiring the Steelcase chairs Marilyn and I have in our office (models from back in 1998). She tried to find the same chair but couldn't. Anyway, Jim had found a chair in the basement and she'd been pleased with it. But today she said she didn't like it at all. I'm sorry to hear that! Anyway, she's getting rid of it.

Lamar was here this morning! He worked for a time, using power from the house. The noise was awful and the lights were dimming several times. Then he supposedly went after screws. Then he told me he was taking a lunch break. But he never did come back again.

At one point he'd told me he'd be done by 2:30 and to set an alarm so we could talk. But when he didn't show by 3:00 I knew that wasn't going to be the case...

The last I heard he said he'd be back first thing in the morning.

Okay. About that. For us, FIRST thing in the morning is probably between 6:00 and 9:00 a.m. Maybe 9:30. But when you hit 10:00 it's no longer first thing. And by 11:00 it's nearly noon. But he was here this morning between 10:30 and 11:00, so I guess he has a different idea of 'first thing in the morning.'

This sounds like me dealing with my IT assistants over the years. Kent, Kris and Donn have that 'IT' mindset when it comes to time, too. So I guess I kind of get it... Haha.

Right now Henry is yelling like mad. Why is that??? Okay, went and checked. He's got a hair tie in the kitchen and is having a 'moment' with it. Haha. Good for him.

I was so tired today! No clue why. I took it easy yesterday (for the most part). But twice I was just sitting in the living room and I fell asleep sitting up! So I finally have up late afternoon and went in to my bed and had a long nap with Johnnie.

When I woke up I realized I had wanted to color my hair! So I phoned and told Marilyn I was getting ready to do it. She had very kindly offered to dry it for me -- something she does now. What a wonderful thing to do! She makes it look so nice. And I just don't have the energy to manage it. I often just let it dry.

Anyway, she said she'd be home soon. Now I'm trying to hurry. Trying is the operative word! I can't find a 'hair towel' (the ones I use to color which are already stained from previous use) anywhere. I can't find hair color! When I do, it's not the correct color, but I decide I'll use it anyway. Then I have to set up my bathroom for coloring. Remove the rugs so they won't get stained, prepare the counter and so on. Finally as I hear Marilyn get home (!!!), I'm finally ready to start putting on the color!

I did my hair and Marilyn waited. Then she dried it for me. She's so patient with me.

Anyway, it turned out great! But it seems too long to both of us, so I need a haircut. I'll phone Kathy tomorrow...

My Gabapentin prescription is fixed -- did I mention that? It had been screwed up by 30 pills (too few), but is now good. Riteaid sent me a text to say it was 'too soon' to fill it. Um, duh, Riteaid! The new prescription wasn't a refill -- it was a total change in the amount of pills! Oh well.

No word from the damn electrician. June and I decided he must not need the work. Now I need to contact a different company. I want to go back in my blog and figure out why we changed from the old company. Maybe I'll just use them again, anyway...

I still didn't phone the vet. I need an appointment for Henry. I'm out of his pills and they won't give us more until he goes in (it's by law -- they have no choice).

I guess we'll head to bed soon...
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