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NaNo Update -- Pain Update -- Appointment Today!

I can't believe I didn't try to get at least a short entry in last night about NaNoWriMo. As of yesterday I'm at 40,000 words! In the home stretch, I guess, with only 10,000 words left to go...

I'm actually enjoying my story and read it out loud to Marilyn with each chapter. Whether or not it would ever be a decent story for a novel is another story! I tend to write YA (young adult). But I'm not sure this fits that genre this time. Both yes and no. About teens, but with some very mature stuff in there.

My teens drink beer, discuss sex, skip school -- actually exactly what we did when I was a teen, frankly. But this is set in the current day. These days we at least pretend teens don't do those things...

If anybody is interested in reading, let me know. I'll at least talk about the premise a bit more. I keep thinking this will only interest Marilyn and me. But who knows? Haha.

Moving on!

Terrible, terrible pain last night. I had Marilyn put on my cream, but it didn't help. Or maybe it did help, but not enough. I was awake in the middle of the night for several hours, but put that to good use reading Stephen King's "On Writing." Both Marilyn and I have read that book before, of course. But it's been years and years ago. He's an amazing writer and has always been one of my favorites. (I like to think I was reading him back when others didn't know who he was, but clearly if that had been true he wouldn't have been the amazing success he is today! I still remember where I was when I bought my very first book by him...)

Marilyn has the book in hardback, but we also got the download for Kindle. So yesterday when getting our manicures and pedicures we were both reading the Kindle version. Man, Kindle rocks.

Interesting note: I now rarely read my real Kindle. I usually always read on the Kindle App on my iPad. I don't want to have to carry along another device, for one thing. And the App works better than my device in many ways! Odd, huh?

I feel a little better this morning, but not a ton. I'm nauseous, by the way. I used to be all the time, so I have the meds for it. But what's that about?

Lamar (my potential new handyman) is coming over this morning. We've given him a down payment and that's all Marilyn is willing to pay if he doesn't work out. We've been doubtful this past weekend, as he didn't actually get started with the project...

Meanwhile, Marilyn is at her hair appointment and I need to do some work for the office. So off I go!

I'm interested for my appointment this afternoon with Leslie. Yeah, it's my monthly pain medication appointment (can't get opioids without a monthly medical appointment), but it's also to review my A1C. I was overdue for that. I suspect I'll be up in my number, seeing as my weight has been up. I'm totally swollen all over, which happened when I tried out the Lyrica.

According to what I read, Lyrica can cause terrible swelling like I'm seeing. And I also read that it can take months after stopping Lyrica before the swelling goes away (hopefully it will -- some people had it never go away). My feet hurt so bad from swelling! I could barely get my shoes on yesterday. Today I'm wearing sandals so I don't have to squeeze my poor feet. Ironic to have this swelling. I hope Leslie will give me meds to help with it...

And that's it for now!
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