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Quick NaNo Update -- Plus Pain Really Sucks...

As of today, I've written 30,541 for NaNo 2018. I think both Marilyn and I have shown a lot of discipline to write each and every day for NaNo this year.

Generally we write between 10:00 and midnight. Tonight Marilyn had already written past midnight (yesterday, in other words) for the day, so I was in our office alone writing. Plus I started earlier than 10:00. (I couldn't nap, so I just went to it.)

By the way, Marilyn is at 25,721. If you break things down by 30 days writing 50,000 words, we should be at 21,671 words by day 13 (today). So as you can see, we're both well ahead of the average. And as I said before, we're sticking with this, no matter what.

I suppose for many people they have a lot of free time to write. But for us, it really cuts into our free time each night. I think we average around 2,000 words in an hour to 90 minutes, so you can do the math...

I need a banner (cover) for my book, but haven't made it yet. (According to what I read somewhere, I'm more likely to 'win' NaNo -- reach 50,000 words in 30 days -- if I have a cover for my book. So my current 'success' might just be misleading, I guess...)

By the. Way, I try to read all the garbage help (motivation) things NaNo sends us, but most of it sucks. I think a great deal of it is the opposite of motivational, actually. Maybe Marilyn and I are able to self-motivate better than others can. I don't know. Or maybe we prefer a different kind of motivation. But tons of this stuff just makes me shrug.

That said, we still want to try another write-in. We enjoyed them in past years. And we even liked the one on Halloween (past midnight) to start this.

We also want to try going places to write, like a coffee shop or something.

In other 'news'...

Marilyn is fighting a bug (or something). She has several issues going on and needs to see a doctor. (So HARD because of all my damn needs!!! Labs this Thursday and two appointments next week! Maddening.)

Marilyn waas home from work Tuesday. Fighting a cold (or something). (I've been fighting a cold on top of the usual crap. Probably gave it to her.)

Squirrels have been eating up the pumpkins I stuck out back for them. I should get a photo.

Need to share some cute photos of Johnnie!

My pain was murder today, and kept me up almost all night long. When I did sleep, I had dreams about it. WHAT???

(It's actually 7:15 a.m.)

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