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NaNoWriMo 2018

No, this is NOT the first time Marilyn and I have tackled NaNoWriMo (Nation Novel Writing Month -- I can never seem to remember the full name, by the way!). We both won in 2005 and 2008. What's surprising is that it's been ten years since the last time we did it.

So far in four days we've both written 10,000 (or more) words. Not bad for four days!

They take the goal of 50,000, then divide by 30 days. The daily average becomes 1,667. Doing the math, times four equals 6,668. Going by 10,000, that puts us 3,332 ahead of pace. (Neither of us are exactly at 10,000. I'm at 10,038 -- and Marilyn is at 10,398.) Anyway, we're roaring along. I suppose it's easy at the beginning, but I'm proud of us.

2018 has been an extraordinarily difficult year for us. Aside from my health issues, work has been tremendously stressful for Marilyn. I won't even bother going into all the myriad of smaller issues.

But we've been troopers. Managing to enjoy life and keep on going in spite of everything.

Work issues? Certainly not resolved. How many ways and times can I say it: I don't know how Marilyn does it! I just really don't.

As for me, it's really hard carrying on when you're in constant pain. I was in pain previously, too. I used to mention being in constant pain, but guys, it didn't touch this! This horrible level of pain is mind boggling. Now I really get chronic pain.

Speaking of, I'd meant to call my clinic AGAIN and ask what's happening about a referral to a pain management specialist. I told them about one in my system (I'm with Legacy), which actually should make it easier. I'm in month eight now, for the record. Sometimes now the pain seems worse than ever...

Enough whining for one day! Haha. I do far too much of it. And today my focus is NaNo!

You know what? We're both good writers! I ran into my one act play from 2007. It was timely then, meaning it's not so much now. But reading it over I think it's still really funny! I should share it here and see what others think... Uh, oh! That's probably asking for it! (grin)

Marilyn has a wonderful double concept for her novel this year. A older single woman is is being marginalized (surprise!) -- she meets a homeless man who resembles George Harrison and begins a relationship with him. She doesn't know where her story will go, but thinks it can't end well. But I say, who knows?

We think it's amusing we're both writing stories that have George Harrison in the title! (I've never been a huge George fan until recently, by the way.) These are two very different stories, anyway...

She made me cry yesterday. I think that's talent! Haha.

We'll need to start reading soon. I didn't do that well yesterday. I was having a hard time writing more than 1,000 words. That's NOT like me at all! Usually I can write 2,000 without raising a sweat. I guess you never know. I was feeling tired yesterday. I tire out really quickly since my shingles/encephalitis...

We went to see Carla and Gary today. We took along a card (she just had major surgery!), a bookmark and a banana toy for the new kitten, Sugar -- plus carrot cake for both Carla and Gary. We had a lovely visit. Their three cats were very entertaining. And Gary kindly gave us an extra monitor, which we really needed!

We got more frames at Michael's today. And I got the coolest lap tables! Marilyn is enjoying hers, and we got one for June that I took over there. While at June's I went with Jim to their basement and the craft shed out back.

They had a plumber there. Their water heater had to be replaced! They just had to replace their roof (very expensive), get gutters (the last roof was tile and didn't require them) and some other expenses. They're having a hard time... They're fortunate (as we are) to have cash reserves for an emergency. But she's in her 80's. He is 90. We're in our 60's. Sudden and unexpected costs can be difficult.

Totally got torn away from this entry! I'll try to do better tomorrow!
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