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Halloween -- Marilyn and I are at the Portland Airport

Today is Halloween -- but it's actually nearing midnight. Marilyn and I (crazy as we are) are at the Portland Airport! We're here for a NaNoWriMo meetup, where a bunch of people sit around together wanking.

No, I was kidding. That's a Beatles joke! They sit around writing! And so I'm starting off by blogging, as I only have a vague idea of what my novel will be about, this time around.

We started our day at the festival office, of course. Busy working, but also interacting with fellow staff, as it was a party day! Craziness in the kitchen, for sure.

And my very lazy 'costume' (me in a Beatles tee) included a cool Beatles trick or treat bag -- so I got something from everyone in the place today. I liked Jeff finding me a miniature car and two golf balls (appropriate). And Steven's can of chili (it was even our brand!). But every person gave me something thoughtful and fun! I work with a great group.

Then off to see my next specialist, Dr. Bong, who does infectious disease. He informed me I won't now need a shingles shot for two to three years. Interesting! He was in favor of me looking into acupuncture, which was cool.

Then home, where I was so deathly tired I could barely manage to keep my eyes open long enough to clean Johnnie's catbox.

Marilyn raked the leaves. I phoned June to see if she and Jim wanted to come over m but she had her sleep test last night, and was worn out. Jim did come get food for them -- we sent hotdogs and buns and doughnuts, plus some candy.

We had only 17 kids this year -- what a disappointment!

Watched a cool Vincent Price movie with the truly lovely -- stunning girl! -- Jane Asher, at 17. She was dating a fairly unknown Paul McCartney at that time! We hadn't expected to see her -- we were watch8ng for the ever-amazing Vincent Price. Just an extra boon.

Anyway, time to start my novel. I have a name and very vague concept, so this could change later. But who cares?

I'm in mega-pain today. Worse tonight. Just took my midnight pills, thank God! Hope it's better soon.

Uncomfortable chairs here, that's for sure!
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