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Domino's Pizza SCAM! (again)

So here's the thing. I guess we never learn! Or we get pulled in by 'good deed' coupons. But Dominos Pizza may have LOST us as future customers after this last bait and switch 'coupon' tactic. (I wish this had been the first time, but it's not.)

We've been buying their pizza forever! We use their App on our devices (mainly on my iPad). And And we get 'coupon offers' in my email.

Yesterday we should have gotten a 'deal' that would have included pizza, a $1.00 donation and a bunch of stuff we didn't want to begin with -- for the price of $20.00. But we ended up with all this stuff we really didn't want for close to double that price (not including the tip).

Are you kidding me???

Well, I think we dump their App from now on, period. And any so-called deals better end up being real, or we'll be using another pizza place permanently. Maybe we just don't try any more deals that aren't deals.

We like their food, but this is ridiculous. And nobody likes being made the fool!

Marilyn offered them the requested feedback, and I was hopeful they would make good somehow, but I guess not. I'm very disappointed in this company!

Apparently there is no more customer service to be had...
Tags: 2018, bait-and-switch, disappointed, dominos, food, october-2018, pizza, review

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