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Manicure Day

Today is manicure day for me. I only go in every four weeks, so I was amazed how well my nails held up this time. Not even a chipped nail, much less a break! (They grow out quite long in the space of almost a month.) I had one nail that had a small issue last night, but otherwise they still looked perfect! Chris (our manicurist) even said something about how nice they looked when I sat down for her to begin...

I've made friends with all the other manicurists at the shop, but also with two women who are -- like me -- Friday regulars. (Most clients come every two weeks, though, as Marilyn mistressmarilyn does. Just for the record!)

Anyway, I had long visits today with both Elizabeth (my Hungarian immigrant friend) and Eleanore, my Jewish friend.

Eleanore had just made trips to both California and New York that I wanted to hear about -- and she and her husband just bought a new condo! Or, as she says, they bought an old condo! But it's new for them, anyway! (smile) She told me all about it and what changes they plan to make. It was fun to talk about...

Elizabeth often shares stories about her life with me. So fascinating! Today she was talking about what it was like during World War II with the bombing (and being inside bunkers for protection) -- and then how frightened she was when she and her husband first came to America, unable to speak any English. I was near tears hearing how hard it had been for her.

Such dear women. I enjoy seeing them so much that they just make 'manicure day' for me! (smile)

Yes, I was boring as usual and did a French manicure, which is what I usually do. Marilyn did a very dark, dark red that's quite lovely. (She likes either dark colors or very pale ones.)

I came home to trama, though. The construction crew working away like mad on the walk and around those flower beds, with so many trucks parked in front of the house that they were blocking the driveway! Marilyn had to drop me in the middle of the street -- and wouldn't you know it? There was a car behind us honking like we were on a freeway, instead of in a suburban neighborhood! So she urged me to hurry and took off right away.

I used my handy-dandy miniature garage door opener to go in through the garage, where I discovered a howling and unhappy Kitty Scarlett! She was tramatized by being left home alone with all those men just outside the front door, making so much noise.

I start to try and calm her down, and Ben is knocking on the front door. I go to see what he wants (besides me, that is) and he's decided to change the job and do the porch in stone, rather than brick -- which is what we contracted to do.

I'm freaking out, because Marilyn hated the stone work they did to the house down the street! (Pretty much the entire neighborhood agrees with that one, by the way. The job was well done, but the stone just didn't suit either the house or this street. But I digress!)

So I'm trying and trying to phone Marilyn on her cell, hoping I can catch her and get her back here to see the slabs of stone he has laid out for the job. No way, of course!

I call work and tell the front desk to grab her when she gets in and have her call me pronto.

She finally phones from the car, too far away (probably on the freeway by then) to turn back. She immediately says what I thought she'd say, which is that she doesn't want stone!

But I mention that Ben has said it would be 'too much red' with the porch done all in brick.

We all go back and forth and back and forth on phone calls. Ben is getting pissed, although he doesn't show it much, really. Marilyn is upset. It's her porch and she wants it to be her way! I don't want to decide, knowing how important this work is to her...

She offers to come back in two hours. Ben says he won't wait two hours -- he can't afford to lose the time. Marilyn has four important calls waiting for her at the office -- plus she's in charge of the office today, so she really doesn't want to leave again.

Finally the upswing is that Marilyn calls and tells me to decide -- and she'll live with what I pick. I've looked at the stone at the top of the walk on the work they did across the street -- and I really like it! So I tell Ben to go for it and he's grinning and close to laughing by that point. I can't blame him. Total drama, only to end up doing what he wanted to do in the first place! (smile)

Finally I got back inside to my still-howling cat, who I have to take downstairs to calm enough so she (finally) stops howling. Poor baby.

Now I'm upstairs to finish my paperwork for my health insurance -- and to get back to working on the script. (Yes. We are five weeks out now. I can't believe it...)

The pounding indicates that they're actually working on the porch as we speak! I hope it turns out nice. But you know what? Anything would be better than the concrete slab porch and step we have now! (grin)

A friend phoned and wants me to go along to the antique store. It's close by and she says we'll only be gone for half an hour... Which means I should be back in around an hour from now! (smile)

Why not? I'll get to work when I get back...

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