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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Home Office Changes -- This and That... 
I spent much of the day rearranging in our home office. As everybody knows, I work there frequently. In the last four months, Marilyn has been writing a story and using her home computer quite often. But the set up didn't work that well for her. So I wanted to se if I could improve it.

I got rid of a bunch stuff (Goodwill and garbage and recycling). Downsizing is good.

I also moved furniture toward my window. The idea is to make room in the corner near Marilyn's desk for a table where she could have space to open a book or write notes, etc. My wonderful neighbor Jim (June's husband) is helping make the table top for me.

I had low blood sugar in the middle of the night last night. After waking up and dealing with that I was awake for ages. The shingles pain was so awful I couldn't sleep.

I cleaned the cat boxes today...

Talked to Donn several times. Planning next week (Tuesday) to set up the laptops and move Sydnee to her permanent spot.

Later in the day it turned out Kate needs to be able to Remote (Monday through Thursday). Donn is on it.

Talked to June several times. Talked to Shari. Talked to sister Sue for the first time in more than a week. Talked to Jim several times.

Sue has dementia, but doesn't seem to understand that this is the case. Conversations with her are interesting. Partly clear and partly confused.

Larry has her going back to Dr. Young. That means at no time in the future will Marilyn be taking Sue to see her doctor -- Dr. Young was very disrespectful to Marilyn on several occasions. I had thought Sue wanted to start going to Leslie, but I refuse to get in the mix.

Our microwave went out this week. We have an oven with the top element that doesn't work. But I decided we could have fried eggs and toast, anyway. And a garlic loaf -- the oven works well enough for that. Guess we need a new microwave...

Can't think what else, too tired.
October 20, 2018 (Saturday) 12:06 pm (UTC)
Our oven's top element doesn't work too.
Must be something going around...

Good on you for getting the office done!

Hope you were about to get more sleep!
October 20, 2018 (Saturday) 12:39 pm (UTC)

It can't be normal for you to have shingles pain this long. But what exactly is normal anyway?
But you are amazing getting all that done!

October 20, 2018 (Saturday) 04:49 pm (UTC)

So smart not to get into the mix, Charlie!!!