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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Busy Day -- But Still Fighting a Cold 
It's currently just past 2:00 a.m. (Marilyn is fast asleep on the sofa.)

I just had a huge sneezing fit upstairs while gathering garbage. This week was not real garbage week (as we call it), as they only took recycling and composting (and NOT the actual garbage). But we had piles of garbage that needed to go out to the can, so... (Actually, I only took out part of it, and still need to do the downstairs garbage.)

I finally just did Johnnie's catbox in my bedroom and the other catboxes (Colin and Henry's) that are in the laundry room.

Late tonight I decided to cook fried tomatoes (green, orange and red) and zucchini, with quinoa (in place of rice). Then I cleaned up the kitchen and did the dishes.

I gave Johnnie some cat toys and he went nuts playing with them! It was so cute. It always the sign that you've finally made an outdoor cat into an indoor cat. Outdoor cats will rarely ever play with toys. They have to be serious about survival. Poor things! But once cats feel safe they can relax and play -- and Johnnie is a perfect example.

This morning I set up our new Comcast/Xfinity gateway equipment that came in the mail yesterday. (By the way, they just left this big box on the center of the porch and never knocked or rang the bell!!! It's a wonder it wasn't stolen!)

What a PAIN it was. I finally tried calling about it and went directly to a message about it -- a clear sign they're having a bunch of trouble with all their clients.

It didn't finish up until this evening! Very weird that they had to send out totally new, free equipment for us to set up ourselves!

And they want the old equipment returned. Um, that could happen! You get a $10 credit if you return it. Are they kidding??? Absolutely not worth Marilyn's time, that's for sure! I did pack it up, but they can forget the rest. (And what do they want that old equipment for, anyway?) Come and get it if you want it, then.

I did sleep really hard aat one point today. I even slept through my pain meds alarm (!!!), if you can believe that!

But I don't sleep well at night ever it seems. Mostly the pain keeps me awake. But I read yesterday that Gabapentin has the side effect of insomnia. I guess that's no surprise! Haha.

Thursday (Sept. 20)
I went to see my nurse practitioner yesterday -- time for my monthly follow-up and drug renewal. She had a student there and asked if she could bring her in, which we agreed to (of course). She was anxious to share my entire experience with her. What was very clear was how much Leslie appreciates what I've been going through.

So after discussion, Leslie decided I should start on Lyrica (Pregabalin). I've been resistant because of the side effects, but reading more I discovered it probably will manage my pain better. It was covered by insurance, so we'll soon find out...

Work tomorrow (Saturday) at the festival. More nominating. Steven promised me waffles! Can't wait.

Good night and sweet dreams all.
September 22, 2018 (Saturday) 12:42 pm (UTC)
You should leave the old equipment in a box in their lobby without any explanation....