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Vinyl Albums and Singles

Woke up with a sore throat. Sucks. Maybe fighting a cold. That's all I need. Look, I don't like to complain, honest. But isn't shingles (and all the pain) and the results of encephalitis enough???

Don't know if I ever mentioned that when I last saw Leslie she confirmed that I still have the shingles rash. I had been wondering if I now had the scars that happen sometimes after a really bad case of shingles. She said no -- I still have the actual shingles, all these months later!

I have to remind myself that I'm still SICK. I'm in PAIN all the time, and so I always tend to focus on that. But remember, Charlie, you still have this illness. So I need to feel okay with being puny and not quite myself...

In spite of that, I've been picking up the pace a lot lately. Going to work -- including the early morning gig on Sunday. Plus Marilyn and I have had a lot of socializing this year -- including (unfortunately) many memorials and funerals. All good, but somewhat grueling, even so...

Today I stayed home (several reasons). But decided to tackle a big task at home...

I moved things around in the garage (including our very heavy Christmas tree in a huge box), then pulled down the ladder. I keep it hanging overhead -- you have to lift it straight up to get it down! Then I climbed up and got the attic door open and fortunately everything was just inside the door!

So I made many, many trips to bring down our vinyl albums. Once down, I searched through all of them. I was looking for our Beatles albums, but those weren't the only ones. Back when we were storing them, we dumped a lot. We also kept several in the utility room -- which flooded back in 2011. I can't believe we would have thrown out our Beatles and Monkees albums -- but these weren't there. Maybe they went in the cleanup after the flooding. I don't remember it, but I was so upset and having a diabetic reaction during the cleanup that I don't have a clear memory.

We had around 120 or so albums (I did a very rough count -- too lazy!). So it was quite a few trips to avoid to heavy loads. That's a lot of vinyl!

Then I went hunting under the stairs where we primarily store our holiday decorations. I knew the singles had been there at one point, and I was right. Interestingly enough, these were far more dirty than the stuff from the attic. There were maybe a few more singles than albums.

But, again, our Beatles and Monkees were missing! Odd. We had lots of both. I only found Lady Madonna and some Monkee song I don't recall.

Of course, the thing is this: Nobody believed we'd ever be able to use our vinyl again! Record players were obsolete -- and you had to have needles! And each machine required a different needle, some hard to locate in the days when there were tons of record players. Then suddenly you couldn't find any needles! No needles, no playing records. An era appeared to end forever, so our vinyl seemed useless...

It was very sad giving it up, but who had room to store something useless? We couldn't see the future, after all (sadly!).

I had to rest several times. At one point I fell asleep sitting up. I'd been thinking how I needed to go MOVE the albums that were all over the garage -- self-nagging, I guess. But even that didn't keep me from falling asleep...

I had a large list of things I wanted to do. But I was in pain (as always) and tired (as usual), so I didn't get to much. But the garage was better when I got done, so that was good!

I putzed around -- STOP!!! I just 'went down the rabbit hole' (as Marilyn calls it). I looked up 'putzing around' and was shocked by what I found. I think of it as 'fooling around' (not necessarily negative, in other words). Asking Marilyn, she, too, said 'fooling around' (we grew up in the same home, after all). The online dictionaries give a lot of negative responses, like 'wasting time' and the like. (Total aside: putz is a US vulgar term for penis. Really? Who knew that?) It's a Yiddish word and means literally: "finery, show" (probably from putsn "to clean, shine") -- it's akin to German putzen "to adorn, clean." The first known use was in 1928. Seriously? Does that mean not the Yiddish word, but the slang version? Anyway, I've been using it all my life (I can hear my Mom saying it as I type this), and certainly meant no offense to anyone Jewish!

I can't even think of anything equally rich and perfect to say that means the same as putzing around (fooling around). Anyway, that's what I was doing. I made some progress, but nothing major. (Yet I wouldn't denigrate my efforts!)

I love the world with the INTERNET in it -- and the ability to look virtually everything up! Without it I would have written that and let it be, assuming your definition was the same as mine, however unlikely that might be! Haha.

MAJOR MOMENT last night! Johnnie came in on his own! And he got up on my ottoman in the living room and decided to stay, getting more and more comfortable!!! Henry was in the tent by Marilyn (on her sofa). Colin was downstairs.

Johnnie did a small amount of investigating (as cats always do), but not that much. He's a very obedient cat. Comes when called. Never even scratches at all, ever! My own cats will scratch when I do a half of what I can do with Johnnie. What lovely manners! He was so happy. Lying on the ottoman resting. Even when Henry came out of the tent he stayed pretty calm. He spit (his favorite way to say 'leave me alone!'), but never even growled (or much). Henry was under the coffee table and they were both calm. But I was so tired, and wanted a cuppa (cup of tea). I felt I could leave them for a second, but then Johnnie was flying into my bedroom.

I followed and he was in my closet spitting. I couldn't figure it out, then saw Henry was there, and way too close. I picked him up (he spit at me, but never tried to scratch me!) and out he went -- which was what he wanted at that point. Henry didn't seem to mean any trouble. He seems very calm about the new cat. But then Colin showed up, anyway, and he is not calm. He'll adjust. They all will, in time...

Next week we're on holiday again (woo hoo), so maybe we'll make some headway then. We both need to be awake to help all of them. But they got used to one another, so actually Colin and Henry should do fine. It's Johnnie who struggles. But Johnnie is clearly a former house cat! So...
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