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Work Today -- PAIN Tonight

I worked at the festival today and got more than 5,000 steps -- most of them right in the office, going up and down stairs. Frankly, stairs are VERY PAINFUL for me right now, aside from really wearing me out to climb.

So I came home early (Donn gave me a ride in the afternoon) and ended up falling dead asleep after a frantic search (another story). So tired out!

And tonight (right this minute) I'm paying the price in pain. Wow, do I hurt!!! Ouch.

But I did get a bunch of stuff done at the office!!! Several meetings with both Donn and Kris. Plus Marilyn and I both ended up meeting with Kris, and it was good stuff about cyber stuff -- internet, phones and WiFi. We've been waiting MONTHS for this, which Kris says should happen in September!

Donn moved a bunch of equipment I wanted done. So no Auction stuff can be stored in the back corner area.

He was setting up the new computers for Carol and Marilyn. I had him put them in empty locations near to their spaces. That way they can test the computers prior to us moving them permanently to their offices.

I was cleaning out up at the front desk, too. Found stuff that just needed dumping, plus my missing Shoretel folder (!!!) -- why was it there? And other such stuff.

And I was organizing as I always do.

Marilyn and I did take a break to go to Starbucks at one point. The barista gave me an extra free shot of espresso in my drink! Wasn't that nice? I needed it!

Well, it was garbage night -- recycling only, thank God! I have some other late chores, so must dash. It's nearly 1:00. Won't have time to do my hair, I'm afraid...

Must be at the office by 8:00 tomorrow!!!

Geez, this PAIN is wearing on me right now! Ouch.

Sweet dreams, friends -- and wishing all of you well...
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