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Work Today at the Festival Office

Marilyn and I were at work by 7:30 this morning -- not bad, huh?

We had a very busy work day, each of us.

Wanda gave her notice last week during our vacation. So I'm 'training' so I can cover until we replace her. Hahaha!

No. I do NOT really know how to man the front desk. But I did begin there, way back when. I used to be the assistant receptionist at one point. I've actually avoided learning any of this work in recent years, I have to admit.

Since this 'new' building -- moving in back in 2010 -- I've never really learned the 'new' phone system. I do the back end setup work, but barely even use my phone (I have no call, honestly). So now I'm learning the switchboard phones that are at the front desk.

These can be used via computer, but I prefer the manual use on the phones themselves. I find it hard to see the small print on the computer screens...

I've always been bad at the Ricoh (our copier), and at the printers, as well -- these are run by the receptionist/office manager.

After Marilyn got out of her early meeting I went to Starbucks with some of the other 'girls' -- Carol, Kate and Maleah. Marilyn didn't go, as she didn't want to go out in the smoke. Because of local wildfires, we've been having terrible air quality issues! Marilyn has had asthma her entire life, plus allergies, so...

After that Wanda and I started training.

Then when Kara came in, I sat in with Marilyn while she interviewed. She was recommended by Kate, and shows a lot of promise. We'll see if she's interested or not.

I made a website change, which I actually could do via my iPad. It amazes me how easy it is to do website work on the device, as opposed to the computer.

Donn is coming in tomorrow.

Marilyn and I had lunch with Marcia today -- Marilyn's monthly lunch with her and Gail (Gail wasn't able to come). We three went to the Spaghetti Factory. A lovely lunch.

Wanda and I did aa little more training after lunch...

Mostly I worked at my desk in the afternoon.

At 5:00 Nominating Interviews began. Wanda left at 5:00.

Interesting note: Wanda is taking off both Thursday and Friday. (She did not ask for them off in advance, Marilyn confirmed later. She just took them off...)

We got home around 7:30, anyway.

I made tuna sandwiches for dinner. Marilyn didn't really enjoy them, I'm afraid.

Johnnie was very glad to see me tonight, sweet cat!

While doing my part for Nominating -- Greeting nominees -- I spent some time texting back and forth with our friend Shari. That was fun, catching up with her.

It's nearly 2:00 now, so we need to get to bed.

I'm tired tonight, as I'm not used to working a full day at the office. But I'll be fine.

My back hurts tonight, partly because I was napping and was late taking my pain meds at midnight (sigh).

Being upright all day is hard on my back, as I normally would spend at least part of the day lying or reclining. Straightback chairs are tough since the shingles.

We picked up my medications at Riteaid after work.
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