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So Much to Share -- VACATION Week!

Marilyn and I are on vacation (or perhaps in light of our current Beatles Mania I should say 'on holiday') this week. So even though I'm already struggling with blogging, I'm never good about it during vaca. Just too wound up, or something. Or not wound up, as we spend ages just lying around, or SLEEPING. And that's great, right?

But I fall down on a bunch of my normal tasks! And that's not good...

I just went out and gave my crows some food. And water, of course! But this late in the day??? Bad. We actually had a crow on our front porch, seeking food! That never happens, mind you.

He was stealing Johnnie's food, as I do manage to keep all my cats fed, anyway. I've not only fed Johnnie, but sat outside with him three times, petting, loving and talking to him. He's quite the talker -- like my other cats.

I get bad about calling sister Sue, too -- and she gets very lonely without me. I often talk to her numerous times each day. I consider it a responsibility, but it's frequently good for both of us.

I popped off a crown today. It's gold and has been bending (as they do, as gold is a very soft metal). Marilyn is after me to get to the dentist, anyway -- which is funny! I'd been wanting to go, but I hate how I have to bother her for so many things already! All these appointments she has to drag me to. But, yeah, I'd actually LOVE to get in to see Mary (my dentist). It's been ages!

Anyway, it does SUCK to lose a crown. Geez. Really? I'm dealing with all this shingles-related pain (still AWFUL) and mind-issues from the encephalitis, and now let's throw in a dental problem, what the hell...

We went to dinner with our very dear friends (and neighbors) June and Jim to Decoy in Linnton. Marilyn and I enjoy the vegetarian options on #meatfreemonday. We four had a good time.

Marilyn and I went to Dockside with Wanda (Marilyn paid) for Taco Tuesday. Yes, it's been there our entire lives, but we've never been there before! Had beers and tacos -- very good and very cheap! We'll do it again for sure. Paid parking very close by (also pretty cheap at night). Not quite the 'meet with a friend' event we were expecting (it ended up being work-related), but oh well...

Marilyn and I had dinner at the MAC Club (Multnomah Athletic Club) -- very posh, yes! -- with a delightful and amazing friend, Dr. Thompson Faller (better known as Thom or apparently Doc!). He's a Knight of Malta and Knight of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre. But he's currently the Lieutenant for the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre, for the Northwestern area (he's the first person outside California to fill that role) -- a very important title in the Catholic Church (you can look it up at Wikipedia if you're interested).

Thom has been an advisor to multiple United States Presidents (yes, Presidents of this country, you did read that correctly). He was an advisor to JFK when he was running for President. (He used to have to have body guards while in certain positions to protect him!)

Aside from that, he's an AMAZING educator! He was with the University of Portland for 50 years. He's won a slew of awards (I won't bother listing them all) and has served on numerous boards (he's on our festival board) -- and is an active and hard worker.

We had a really lovely dinner with him. And he's really fascinating to talk to...

Marilyn and I decided spur of the moment to go to Jubitz truck stop's theater and see "The Equalizer 2." We hadn't seen a movie there in ages. It's very cheap, plus you can enjoy a beer with your popcorn (we did)! We loved the first "The Equalizer," and had been looking forward to seeing this one, which was even better. Got to love Denzel Washington, of course!!! And we're action/adventure fans, big time.

Slept in.

Right now we're sitting at Starbucks, having coffee.

My back is killing me. I have good and bad days, pain-wise. I've been in pain every single day since mid-April. It's really not that long, but seems like forever...
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