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Perseid Meteor Shower -- Viewed at Maryhill Stonehenge

Surprise, surprise! They're calling it 'Maryhill Stonehenge' now! Will wonders never cease. Interesting...

Anyway! Marilyn and I did end up going there tonight (in Washington) to view the Perseid Meteor Shower. We had a very good time, even though we saw very few meteors! Marilyn managed to see ten, but I saw less. It was very cold, but dry. Marilyn had a jacket and two blankets and was still cold! Haha.

We had a lovely time at the Pilot Truck Stop across the Sam Hill Bridge on the Oregon side. Got coffee and pop and snacks. Oh! And new flashlights -- with batteries included at a good price! Haha.

Before we left to drive up we had a couple of interesting moments at home!

First, Marilyn let Johnnie come in the house! This time it was Henry he was 'meeting' -- and Henry was calm and well-behaved. But Johnnie kept spitting and even growling. I kept calming him, but it was hard. Finally he went under some furniture. I got him out (he didn't scratch me -- and he was scared) and put him back outside.

We figure little by little we'll try to get him inside.

The second incident was ugly! I went out the front door and there were THREE raccoons on the porch!!! I had to use the broom to get them back. They had me damn scared! (I bet I was more scared than Johnnie was inside the house.) I was even shaking after that run-in.

Then Marilyn went out and was CHASING AFTER THEM!!! She took the broom and was following them to the tree. I had a hard time getting her back in the house. (So we could leave for our trip!)

She hates them bothering our poor cat -- and I do, too...

We hope to go to dinner tomorrow night with June and Jim. I need to ask them in a few hours (as it's actually nearly 7:00 a.m. on Monday right now!!!).

(Yeah, I couldn't blog until we got home -- then I spent ages yet again cleaning Johnnie's dishes after those damn raccoons had been in them AGAIN while we were gone. And then feeding him. Then sitting with him while it got lighter outside.)
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