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Damn Pain! Keep On Reading, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!

I just can't seem to get back on top of my blogging, no matter how hard I try. Well, it's like everything else, one day at a time.

I still have shingles. Which means, to be as clear as I can be, that I'm still sick. I'm proud of any day where I can actually accomplish something, so generally I try to force myself to be at least a little productive. The pain is actually worse lately. It was AWFUL today for some reason!

This week I did accomplish something rather special, really! I got back to READING!!! I read a number of books -- here's the list:

"The Death and Life of Mal Evans," by Peter Lee -- a published fanfic about The Beatles from the point of view of Mal Evans (Beatles fans will automatically know the name of their Roadie and friend). Done. I loved it.

"Saint John Lennon," by Daniel Hartwell with Roseanne Bottone. I enjoyed the research and the concept. Done.

"The Nostradamus Equation," by Christopher Cartwright. I'm more than half way done. The writing isn't that good, but it's been a rather fun read.

(Note that these are all male authors so far...)

"Hateship, Friendship, Courtship, Loveship, Marriage," by the amazing author Alice Munro, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature -- well deserved! She's the only person to win the Nobel Prize for Literature for SHORT STORIES, by the way! I highly recommend any of her work. Boy, can she write! I loved this book so much that I immediately bought another and started it.

"Origin," by Dan Brown (I'm more than half way through). As you know, I LOVE Dan Brown, so I'm very much enjoying this, as I have all his other novels.

"Go the Fuck to Sleep," by Adam Mansbach is a sheer delight, I must say! I have it for Kindle, but think it would be great fun as a story book -- especially for new parents! Hahaha! How I got it is a story, actually, if anyone is interested...

I have more that I've started but didn't list -- hopefully I'll have a bunch more finished to tell you about next week.

So, how is that for getting back to my reading again? I admit I'm proud. I really let it go when I got sick. But hadn't been reading much before that, either...

No idea where sister Sue has been the last few days. I need to text her daughter (our niece) Candy, I guess.

I actually washed the kitchen floor today -- on my hands and knees, mind you! It's been driving me crazy for ages. I can't stand a dirty kitchen floor. But I just can't clean much now that I have shingles. So, yes, the house does suffer, I'm afraid...

Oh! Well, DAMN!!! No wonder I hurt this evening/tonight! Hahaha. I just can't do much without pain. I'm still glad I did it! It looks much better.

For whatever reason today I was really having Gabby dreams -- like back when I first started Gabapentin!!! And I'd go out like a light! Then wake suddenly. And on and on. That Gabby is... um... INTERESTING stuff.

Just DO YOUR JOB and take care of the pain, Gabby. I mean it.

Marilyn put a pain patch on me tonight. It really seems to be working! Anything to help the pain, please. Hahaha.

Listening to George Harrison songs. Love The Beatles songs and the solo stuff, as well. So much good music.

And on that note -- literally -- off to bed!
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