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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Work the Festival Office -- Seeing Leslie for Shingles Follow-Up 
doctor stethoscope, stethoscope
I wasn't up in time to go with Marilyn at 7:00, I'm afraid. By did get up fairly soon -- good thing!

The damn ants were in the cat food -- I fought them for half an hour. What a mess -- they were crawling all over me.

Then cleaned the cat boxes, set up new living room food (away from the ants) and put down food in the downstairs.

Also did a load of dishes.

Got a quick shower and got ready for work.

Marilyn came home to get me and we both went in.

I didn't end up helping Marilyn, but did work on both some IT issues and website stuff. And took my email inbox from well over 1,000 items down to around 300...

Finally in the late afternoon we went to my appointment with Leslie.

My numbers were good. Weight slightly down from last visit, blood pressure down, too (really good -- going down every visit, and I'm off the meds for high blood pressure).

Discussed my shingles briefly and she gave me a new nighttime only med for pain -- so we'll see how that goes.

More tomorrow -- off to bed!
July 28, 2018 (Saturday) 12:21 pm (UTC)
I have a coworker who complained about ants, and said he found good things to use on them.
Don't know if he has cats and if that would make a difference, but he sent me links to what he used:

Advion Ant Gel Insecticide
I suggest something like this to spread:

Don't know if that will help or not, but it worked for him.
July 28, 2018 (Saturday) 03:06 pm (UTC)

Great that you are off your blood pressure meds! Bravo!!!