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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
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Candy's Dear Friend Passed ||| Plus Saturday and Sunday 
First off, our niece, Candy (Sue's daughter -- they live together) just lost her dear friend Sharla. They've been friends forever (a long time, like our friendship with Mitch). Sharla was only 50 (our friend Mitch was 55). I was so convinced Sharla would pull through. It's heartbreaking...

Marilyn and I finally reached Candy today and told her to get time off and head down to our beach house. She needs some time away. It's going to take ages to adjust to this huge loss. They were always texting and talking when they weren't actually together.

Marilyn and I went to VegOut! over at Holladay Park. It was quite a spendy event (more than $60 for the two of us) -- but it was full of people, and most of them were millennials (how do they afford this kind of event?). It really did not begin to have the 100 booths advertised, by the way. But we actually did have fun. There was free entertainment on a center stage. It was relaxing -- very, very laid back. We had wine slushies (we've had them before, years ago), yummy! And beer (dark beer -- not so yummy, so we didn't drink much of those, but they were free with entrance, so what the heck. The funny thing about the beer? The cup they gave us made it appear to turn blue. Haha.

Marilyn and I walked around the entire park. We hadn't been there in years, so that was lovely. The fountains were going, it was a hot day and so pretty. And we ate Koshari: It contains pasta, chickpeas and lentils on top of rice, topped with lovely fried onions.

It was fascinating seeing all those vegans, anyway. What a lot of interesting people. We absolutely do NOT identify as vegans, or even vegetarians, really. We've cut way back on meat, but still eat it. We never miss Meatfree Monday, (Meatless Monday -- both work).

We got home and saw Dr. Miguelito Quixote Loveless on Wild, Wild West (always a favorite!). Svengoolie aired "Baracuda," which was fine. There was a good episode on Star Trek. And we watched Batman, even though it was lame (London couldn't be called London -- why?).

Today we were watching the Epix channel on TV. Some episodes of Charlie Chan, a mystery movie with Nicholas Cage, the horrible film "Urge" -- really, really awful (why was Pierce Brosnan in it???) and the Vincent Price "House on Haunted Hill." It's a 1959 American horror film that was actually quite good. Really worth watching, anyway.

And we had some good rests and naps, too. A good day.

Sister Sue is, of course, upset about Sharla, too. Anyway, she had a nice time at her cribbage tournament, even though she didn't do well. I guess her friend did, though (Carol, I think). She has her big tournament coming up next weekend.

We're having a heat wave here. We didn't even consider going out today. Yesterday was cooler, thankfully. We'll be hot all week long, it appears.

Shingles: Not going anywhere. Still there, still very painful. I try hard to ignore them when I can. They really affect my walking, interestingly enough. I walk crooked, for one thing. Oh well. Some days are better than others.

Encephalitis: Still fighting memory loss -- Marilyn is a HUGE help. And sleep is such a help.

Marilyn is still struggling with her IBS -- very valiantly.

We're both working to enjoy summer no matter what.

Hope all of you are enjoying your summers!
July 23, 2018 (Monday) 11:38 pm (UTC)
My condolences for your niece's friend.

Hope the other stuff improves!