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Brain REST Day.

Marilyn continues to read about encephalitis. She's been suggesting I have some times I 'rest' my brain. She was especially concerned after seeing the psychedelic movie yesterday, though I didn't feel any ill effects while there.

Anyway, today was my brain rest day. No television. Low lights. I didn't use my iPad all day long. No reading. I took it easy and also napped a bit.

I've been having trouble sleeping for the constant pain recently, so the rest was nice.

Marilyn got home around 7:30 -- she had a long day with no break. Some stressful meetings. Even had a work-related call on the way home (they never leave her alone!).

She had a rough, rough night. Barely slept. Came home exhausted.

But we had to go shopping -- ugh.

We went to two stores. Tons of shopping. I don't know how she does it. I sincerely don't.

I walk so bad these days. The shingles have me messed up -- but they'll never make me give up. I was really pushing to walk normal while shopping. And to lift and carry and so on.

Then some food -- we were both starving. Poor Marilyn never can eat. Sick all the time.

I got the damn piles of composting done -- what a nasty mess.

By the way, watermelon is DISGUSTING when it goes bad. I've dealt with it now twice recently, and I think I'm off it for now. Hahaha. There were old beans and some Chinese food from a deli and some bad cheese and just yuck. But I got rid of it all...

Cat boxes are clean. Recycling is out. Garbage is done. And I got through another week!!!

Now I've taken more pain meds and it's time for bed!

Tomorrow I'll try and see June (I have some clothes for her).

I did phone my clinic about my referral for the neurologist, but guess what? I didn't hear back. Surprise!!! Hahaha! Oh well.

Sweet dreams, friends.
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