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Saturday and Sunday: Park Concert and Memorial for Cal


Marilyn and I had been told there was a Beatles sing-along on Saturday at Glenhaven Park. So we ended up driving over to check it out. It was part of the Portland Public Parks Summer Concerts program -- they have a concert, then play a film on a giant screen.

The group leading the sing-along was All Together Now (a Beatles cover band), with two women in the group!

Marilyn and I had our fold-out take-along blanket (a birthday gift to Marilyn that we first used recently on a trip to the beach on Sauvie Island -- really nice and convenient). So we spread it out near the back and got comfortable. It's a great blanket!

Then we sang along with all the songs. Originally there had been a crowd up front, but not in the back, but it really filled in with a variety of people of all ages! Older people and little babies!

We left before the film (a Star Trek movie). But we think it would be fun to go to some other park events.

We stayed up late watching the usual METV Saturday stuff and just fooling around.

It's really very hot in Portland -- and all of Oregon.


We had a hard time getting up after being up so late! We were really racing to get to our memorial on time!

Actually, it was billed as a 'Celebration of Life' -- but I really think you need alcohol for some events to fall in that category! Our friend Sue's family is 'interesting ' (that's probably the kindest way to refer to them).

I lost track of how many people spoke. I swear every one of them said they were going to 'keep it short' -- which was a total lie. And wow, did a lot of them have poems to share! At one point Marilyn told Dennis (Sue's husband) she'd just written a poem and wanted to share it, and he told her to eat shit and die. They share our family's dark sense of humor. Haha.

That would be right up there in our top ten worst ever memorials, anyway...

I did FINALLY geta chance to see and hug Tiny (Cal's fourth wife). I just loved both Cal and Tiny whenever I saw them. (I took Tiny a small crystal heart I've had since I was quite young to cheer her...)

(Cal's full name is fascinating: Calvin Sherlock Gregory Husbands. Do you believe that?)

After that we stopped for dinner on the way back -- no AC in the restaurant! Yikes.

We're in the middle of a heat wave here -- it was over 100 today and is supposed to be hot again tomorrow.
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