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Your Thoughts and Prayers, Please!

I'm posting tonight to ask for your help...

Prayers Please

I can't go into any details at this point, so I appreciate your understanding about the privacy required. Please focus your thoughts and/or prayers this way. A dear friend of one of my relatives is in desperate need of our focus and positivity.

You all know that I strongly believe in the power of prayer. I believe that it's saved my own life more than once. I think we can create another miracle together. I'll keep you posted on the results, of course. Thank you for your help!

Totally aside from that, Marilyn could use a few prayers, too. She's been very sick this week. It's hard seeing her like this...

I'm struggling with my condition. I do this 'pinball' thing where I have a difficult time navigating the world without fighting for proper balance. And the pain is another story, of course...

I'm hopeful we'll get some lovely days this summer (fingers crossed).

And I hope all of you are having some WONDERFUL summer moments (or winter, for my Australian friends!!!).
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