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IT Work Today -- Finding An App

Lots of IT work this morning. Thankfully my mind works well enough to take care of what Donn and I are dealing with. Still figuring out what's up with Kezia's computer. It's crashing when she uses Word. Semantic caught something, but she's still having crashes. Donn's on it, but it's annoying. Semantic's support system is a pain. Anyway...

And I'm trying to help set up the Quickbooks update that Tanya is suggesting we do while she's out.

Plus we got a THREATENING EMAIL suggesting we pay out 1,900 bitcoin within 24 hours. Right. That could happen!

But I did get in and change a bunch of passwords with Kate's help! Instagram wouldn't allow either of us to change the password for whatever reason. But Twitter is done and several others. I don't think it was necessary, but why take a chance?

I took a very short walk (around 2,000 steps). I just wasn't up for it today. I'll be better tomorrow.

Then in the afternoon I was working on finding a new App. I want something that lets me create my own daily schedule. I want the day and day of the week heading, then the day broken down by events BY TIME that is easy to see. And a way to check off events. Plus the ability to have complete control over entries -- that day or previous days or whatever. I'm not looking for a work scheduler or school scheduler (there are tons). I don't want 'To Do' lists with no times attached (I found several). I don't want the medical lists I found, which don't seem to be flexible enough.

I just was totally disappointed in what I found and what they could and couldn't do. Maybe I just need a check list! I use the alarm in the built in clock on my iPhone. The nice thing is the ability to use all of my music for alarms...

The thing is that the alarms are great, but I still can't track things well. I need to know when it's time for all my meds, but also a checklist for after I take them. I get VERY CONFUSED about them, honestly. And Marilyn gets very frustrated trying to help me take them the way I need to. Little wonder!

Marilyn went back to work today, but still isn't feeling good, poor thing. I think it might be a virus, but it could be a flare-up... She enjoyed dinner -- I made corn on the cob. (I always cut it off for her.) Oh! I got a new tool that helps cut corn off the cob, which worked great. But Marilyn was sick after eating.

England lost the World Cup. And Roger went out of Wimbledon. But Rafa managed to win.

Details about my shingles and encephalitis are coming up. Maybe tomorrow, if I can face writing out the details. I started it, but it's complicated. And I'm anxious to do it.

Well, it's 1:30 so it's time for bed.

Sweet dreams, all!
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