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6,000 Steps -- Marilyn is at Work Until 11:00 p.m. !!!

I went out to the park and walked today. I chatted on my cell with sister Sue much of the time. I had a total STRANGER stop his big truck in the middle of the street to tell me "exercise will make you live longer." (He was an older black man with a younger black woman sitting beside him.) I have to say I did not find him encouraging, but rather it seemed creepy to me -- which was why I first tried phoning Marilyn (she was tied up at work) and then phoned Sue, who also thought it was odd.

Maybe if I wasn't still sick with shingles (that haven't faded yet) and dealing with this continual pain I would have felt differently. I don't know. But I forced myself to smile at him. I've been reading a lot about dealing with pain, and it frequently recommends SMILING as a remedy. I tend to smile anyway, so that works for me. Keep smiling no matter what. I can do that!

I got 6,000+ steps today. I'm going to try and get 5,000 steps a day. I wonder if I can? I got back home and sat in the living room chair. The pain was a bitch, even after meds. The weird addition was a burning sensation that ran across my entire back. I just sat there and tried 'distracting' myself (another pain management suggestion). Feeling the heat on my back was fascinating, anyway.

Earlier in the day I'd been sleeping and had some amazing dreams! I dreamt about my Dad and it was very clear. (I think the clearest dream I've had about him since he died back in 1998.) Whatever else is true about Gabapentin, it really seems to give me interesting dreams...

I decided to spend several hours trying to do some things in my bedroom. I wanted to find my 'missing' shorts from last year. I remembered them as two pair, but eventually discovered three pair. (As they were all the same size and similar style, I knew I bought them together.) I found numerous pairs of pants in my closet. I've known forever that I still had pants to go through (sigh), so I made myself do it today. Sick or not, life goes on!!!

There were quite a few 20s and some 22s. I called to talk to June and got Jim (she was sleeping -- I get that). He asked if they were 24s. I told him June had said she could wear both 20s and 22s. He was very clear that he didn't think so. Anyway, I'm still going to check with June. Some of the jeans have cool designs on the pockets or down the legs. There's one pair of slacks that are nearly new. Well, we'll see.

I managed to go through two large clothes baskets full, anyway. It made some space in my closet. I was in quite a sweat when I finished up!!!

I got a few pieces of alarming mail today, regarding my hospital and medical bills. I didn't get freaked out, but it was good having Marilyn reassure me...

Marilyn had a very BAD day at work today. Then she had to do MY JOB (sigh), because I'm incapable of doing it. She had to meet with the guys putting in the fiber cables for our internet and wifi at 7:00 p.m. !!! And that's why she was there so late!

She's at our building ALONE -- where we've beed having numerous incidents recently. And in the dark in an area that is frankly UNSAFE even in the daylight. These BASTARDS don't tell her when they're done -- they just take off (no, I'm not apologizing for my language, as I was tempted to use far worse). Hopefully she'll report this.

But ultimately this is MY FAULT. It's my job. It shouldn't have fallen on her. I'm raging inside because I know she suffered because of me. She doesn't get to eat until she gets home. She comes home exhausted, as she's been working out on top of doing her never-ending pile of work (Jessica was out sick again today).

She's an amazing woman, as I've said so many times. She works harder than anyone I know. And she incredibly productive. And creative. And inspiring.

My personal goal is to try and do try and do something else productive tomorrow (come hell or high water).

Right now I'm lying awake because I can't sleep. It seemed like a good time to blog! Another way to be productive.

I think I'll try reading and see if that helps me to sleep. I need to read your blogs and catch up. I have a terrible time concentrating. I can manage it in small doses, but then I drift, I guess. At least I was getting my work done (for the most part) during the festival. And I did some website stuff today, too. (Damn. I just realized I never sent an email and let people know. Well, there's always tomorrow. Or I guess I could do it now. Haha.)

My meds alarm just went off... I generally do NOT take meds in the middle of the night, however. I'm only supposed to have this stuff three times a day.

Wishing everybody GOOD HEALTH and happiness. Our cat, Colin, is in 'cat shelf bed'! (That's usually a place Henry sleeps, but not Colin.) He's snoring away! Very cute. Curled up in a ball...
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