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Another Good/Bad Day...


This was another PAINFUL day. There's no getting around it: shingles HURT.

They itch. They burn. It's almost constant discomfort. Sometimes the pain is skin deep. Sometimes it's deep and stabbing. Sometimes I can go for a bit without thinking about it. But right now I mostly wallow in my pain. I'm on a lot of pain pills, but they don't touch it much...

Marilyn let me sleep in. She knows I need 'bed rest,' and am probably not sleeping enough. Plus I'm sure I'm easier to live with when I'm sleeping and not moaning...

When I got up I did my blood sugar and insulin. Then got dressed and she helped me do my pump.

After that we went for Starbucks and took a short drive. We needed to return a book to Charles that he loaned Marilyn back on Thanksgiving. It was nice to briefly see Molly and Charles.

I didn't mention it, but Alyssa turned in her resignation last week. So we'll need to replace her and I'll need to train her replacement. I have a few more seasonal people to train.

It's too bad Marilyn and I missed everything yesterday with the U.S.S Portland. There were many wonderful posts up at social media.

Right this second my rash is itching -- in a deep, painful way. But it's been worse today, that's for sure.

Marilyn and I watched a couple of movies today. Geostorm -- which was horrible. And The Post, which was wonderful!

Marilyn is taking me for a dressing change in the morning. I suspect we need to go to bed soon.

Wishing you all might be shingles-free, always!
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