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Maggie the Cat is Famous! (Practically)

Yesterday I helped my friend (and neighbor) June to submit a couple photos of their 'outdoor cat' Maggie to FunnyPetPictures.Com.

Today, one of the pictures can be seen here! (Isn't she cute?)

I tend to think of the three outdoor cats as belonging to Jim (June's hubby), seeing as he's the one who feeds them and is always taking photos of them. (June really wants an indoor kitty of her own.) Anyway, they were the litter of a feral cat -- who has since disappeared. Jim caught them in a 'no hurt' trap (cage), one at a time -- then took them to be neutered/spayed. They never seem to leave the large yard, being quite content to roam and play there!

(Jim's fixed them several places where they can shelter against bad weather, too.)

They're still nervous around people and dash off at the least little thing, but are getting tame around Jim.

This was the same for Dad with cats Ruthie and Sarah. We had a feral cat who lived 'around' Mom and Dad's house for many years, but who never let any of us get near her, ever. We called her Buddy. (Originally we'd thought she was male.) She was the mother of Ruthie and Sarah -- who Dad managed to capture and have spayed. He eventually tamed them down a ton, though we could never turn them into house cats.

By the way, the next litter after contained Marilyn's mistressmarilyn and my cat April! Ruthie and Sarah were her older sisters (different litter, obviously). They helped protect her from roaming tom cats. She was the only one to survive from her litter of three! Dad and Mom 'tamed her down' -- then talked us into keeping her. (I'm sure glad they did!)

There are still an awful lot of people who will genuinely care for stray (feral?) cats! I'm glad of that.

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