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Charlie's Strange and Happy World
...one page at a time
Terrible Pain 
I started having pain on Sunday. It's gotten increasingly worse each day.

Yesterday when I had Curt and his son-in-law here doing the vents, I was pretty miserable. I had to move a bunch of furniture around, which didn't help.

By last night I was bad. This is truly the worst pain of my life. Even worse than when I had surgery (which ended up being on multiple organs).

Today I really couldn't sit up. I could recline in a chair, but that was it.

But it made me artistic, anyway!


My new App on my iPad actually allows me to PAINT! It's very cool. I'm still learning to use all the features, but the paint brush seems so natural. It takes me back to when I was always painting.

I spent time on the phone first thing seeking help from my clinic. I was very open about the level of pain. There were no available appointments until next Tuesday! I was trying to imagine making it until then...

Anyway, I chatted at length with sister Sue.

Marilyn had a difficult, miserable day at work. It was line-up day for both the Grand Floaral and Starlight parades.

I soaked in a hot tub in the morning. That really helped the pain. But my pain medication didn't touch it.

I was in so much pain my blood sugar was super high. And I didn't feel like eating all day.

At 3:00 I finally called my clinic back. Now there was an appointment for tomorrow morning! Go figure. Marilyn (she's so wonderful) immediately changed her schedule so she can take me. Sue and I talked again more than once. We both agree Marilyn is a marvel.

Sue was good today. Very clear and warm and friendly. Really making sense. (God days and bad days.)

Leslie's assistant told me to ice, so I spent hours doing that. And I took more pain meds, which barely help.

Hopefully I'll get a bursal injection and it will help. God, I hope so.

I was able to force myself to do the garbage and recycling. And clean the cat boxes. And take out all the old food for the critters. I just went slowly and stopped frequently. Anyway, you can do what you need to, I find.

Marilyn was home late, again. I'm not sure what she ate, but I had a bun and some saltine crackers. That's all I felt up to eating...

Glad we got our vents cleaned yesterday. They've needed it for years. But it's a big, messy task. I was shut away with Henry part of the time. And the doors and windows ended up open some of the time, so it was cold. And NOISY.

But when the furnace was on today I was sneezing at all. Woo hoo.

Now I need to set up our furnace maintenance... There's a spring special.

I spoke to June in the afternoon. She's not doing well at all. Tomorrow she's going to the doctor. Jim has an appointment, too. I hope they find out what's going on with her? Poor thing...

Well, miserable tonight. Hopefully better tomorrow! Pain really messes a person up.

I hope all my family and dear friends are doing well. You are in my thoughts and prayers.
April 13, 2018 (Friday) 12:32 pm (UTC)
I forget, Charlie, but where is your bursitis? It sounds incredibly awful and is there nothing else they can do for it? I can't imagine that kind of pain. Just hoping you get some relief soon.
April 14, 2018 (Saturday) 08:04 am (UTC)
Sorry for all the pain! I hope they do something for you!

What App are you using to paint?
April 14, 2018 (Saturday) 10:59 am (UTC)
oh no!

*hugs carefully*