CharlieMC (charliemc) wrote,

Meme ALERT! (How evil are you?)

An interesting meme to share...

How evil are you?

Okay, if I were writing that meme I think I'd check the spelling of 'vegetarian' (but I'm anal)...

So, I'd also write my code with <div> rather than <center>, but Kevin is one of the people who has me anal about that, too. (And I did rewrite the target, as I always tend to do that. I guess people who hand code their websites all tend to do it! smile.)


I don't know how 'good' I am based on the questions asked... (Or in general! Good is so relative...)

My 'ideal' job would be writer/author and not 'actor.' (What I said.) But writer wasn't an option! (And I do like acting.)

And I'm currently using IE as my browser, which I feel makes me inherently wicked. (My social clique is probably generic, admittedly, as I have so many interests and such a wide variety of friends from all backgrounds and of all ages. Still...)

My 'weapon' was the pen, but writer wasn't an option?! Come on now!

That's enough about this. You're bored. (Admit it!)

Tags: 2004, january-2004, meme

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