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Flare Up Time, Unfortunately...

Marilyn is having an extremely busy work-week already (two days in). Lots of meetings. She didn't get home until close to 8:00 last night...

And she's been dealing with a HIGHLY ANNOYING issue with SPAM. I can't understand why she was the one!!! Nobody else has complained about it, but she's been dealing with hundreds of SPAM emails right when she most needs not to. (sigh) Kris was working on this bitch all day yesterday -- while she put up with the inconvenience!!! Hopefully it's finally resolved (I forgot to ask her when we spoke briefly).

As for me, I've been working on the website changes both yesterday and today. There's still quite a bit to do, but nothing that hard (or annoying).

As is sometimes true, I put extra time into a page for a partner who ended up unhappy with the results. I can't say how many times I've done this. I make a header banner or end up having to write my own Copy or whatever, only to have it all tossed out. The life of a webmaster! Hahaha. It doesn't generally make me feel warm and fuzzy about whomever is involved -- especially if we go back and forth and back and forth to finally get what pleases them. Or especially if I've put time and care into the custom made banner. But I do this to myself, really! I could simply leave a blank page until they provide what I need, or skip the banner entirely (or do one that's not artistic). So you know what? I have nobody to blame but me!

Steven and I did tweaks to the CityFair page. He had sent me what he wanted in a Word document and I had already done most of it before phoning him. I called around 15 to 1:00 and he had a 1:00 meeting! But it took us a total of six minutes to consult and do what needed doing. He's going to get me the rest of what I need either this afternoon or tomorrow, then we should be good to go!

I did work for Lilia, too. I need to get in touch with her...

I need to put in some (more) time on organizing my email. If I let it go for several days (like a four-day weekend vacation!), then I end up with 800+ that need tending. I did some of it Monday, but need to work on it more today.

As for flare-ups, both Marilyn and I are dealing with them. She's dealing with her IBS-d and I'm having joint flare-ups. As Marilyn pointed out, I've been running a fever and the whole deal. Sunday and Monday it was my ankle, which (knock on wood) is slightly better today. But today my hip is AWFUL. It was my right ankle and is my right hip. I have both shooting and burning pain that is radiating down the leg and up into my side and back. I'm also nauseous (all I've eaten today is a plain bun with no topping).

Now that I've done a bunch of website stuff, I'm thinking about lying down...

But I'm actually waiting on Rich for quite a lot of work that we've been needing to do. I phoned him earlier and he was heading into a meeting. No word since then. I guess I could call and nag him, but I don't really feel like it.

Marilyn has no choice but to go to work with her flare-up, poor thing. At least I can work here at home!

We've had prescriptions that needed picking up since last week. We meant to do that on our way to the beach and forgot. By the time we got home on Sunday it was too late. And she was so late getting home last night... But they called me yesterday! Yikes.

I'm sipping coffee and forcing myself to sit at the computer (man, does it hurt). Henry is behind me sleeping in his chair. Recently he's having a hard time getting up on things! He's had physical issues since he was a kitten, but he's smart and learned to work around them. But now he just can't seem to jump like he used to. I put a stool in front of the chair for him, poor guy. And he has a stool by Marilyn's bed where he loves to go! But it's still hard. I think he needs one of those little staircases you can buy...

June told me about Jim burying Molly (their outdoor cat who passed) yesterday. He brought her body into the sunroom and took soap and water and bathed it. Then he wrapped her in a new towel and put her inside a cat pan, using a larger cat pan as the 'lid' before putting her in the hole he and Chuck had dug. So sad. He really loved that cat! So did June. (So did Chuck. And all of us, really!)

Sue's cat Chubby is barely hanging on. He just lies in one spot in the kitchen. Sue covers him to keep him warm. And cleans up when he messes himself. But he's been drinking water and eating (!!!), so who knows? Maybe he's not quite ready to go yet. When it was our older cats years back, both stopped drinking and eating toward the end...

I need to confirm about tomorrow with Marilyn, but haven't been able to reach her. I'm sure she's in another important meeting -- I should check my calendar...

Just checked and don't see anything until 5:00. But she frequently gets people in her office or has a meeting not on her schedule, so that's not surprising.

More coffee, please!
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