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Furnace is Fixed -- I Visit With June

Here's last night:
Marilyn needs to go to the office after being home all day. She's stayed home two days in a row for her concussion after seeing the doctor and getting instructions on how to care for herself and her injury. Anyway, she has a presentation on Friday she needs to prepare for, so we go into the office late Thursday night, figuring it won't take that long.

While she works on that, I clean around the office. We're having guests (the people connected to the presentation) and I want the building to show well. We leave around 11:20 to head home (it took longer than planned).

We head directly to Safeway as I need kitty litter (if nothing else) to clean the cat boxes (it's real garbage night). Safeway is closed when we get there. We go from there to our local Walmart and they let us in -- very nice of them as they, too, are closing! We grab a loaf of bread, some saltine crackers, kitty litter and a couple of packaged of sliced cheese and call it good.

When we get home I'm rushing to make dinner (it's now past midnight). We had tomato soup and toasted cheese (open face) sandwiches -- it was quite good! We're starved as we've barely eaten all day.

Then I'm dashing to do the garbage and recycling! It's 1:00 when I start and Marilyn needs to be up early for her meeting... It might be the fastest I've ever done it. Haha.

So, Marilyn was off very early to go to her GFP Creative Team meeting. Then the presentation was after that at 11:00 and lengthy. She didn't get away from work until past 3:00.

She would probably have stayed home again today if not for those two important meetings, anyway. She's being very careful this week.

Meanwhile, I phoned about our weird-working furnace. No, we were not without heat. But we were having to turn the entire furnace off at the source and not with the thermostat, because the fan was running all the time...

I expected to have to wait until next week. After all, when I called Monday I couldn't get oil in an emergency situation until Tuesday! But she told me not only could I get a repairman today, but he'd be here within the hour!

I was pleased to see Rick, an older man who has worked for us before. He was here some time checking over the furnace. It's literally $95 to have him in the door, and he gave us full value in my opinion!

Rick discovered what I expected, actually: That I had bumped a button while getting the furnace to run again after getting oil. I knew two things I had deliberately pressed, but not this button. And it took him ages to find it, too! Hahaha. So now he's shown me for the future (I hope I remember!). He had to do the $95 charge (they tell you about it when you set the appointment), but didn't charge me anything more than that (which I'd been expecting). I had always ordered two filters, one of which he installed for me! These are normally $40 each, but we got them on sale for $30 each. So the total cost was $155.

I'd also wanted to have Rick do maintenance, but he talked me into waiting, as they have a spring sale coming up soon and he said it would save us money. Nice!

It's just such a break to have the furnace working again normally! (woo hoo)

Rick also told me if we ever ran all the way out again to use a small can and get five or ten gallons of diesel fuel from the gas station and stick that in the tank -- that it should hold for a few days... I would never have thought to do that, honestly.

Marilyn had a lively meeting early today (someone used the f-word!!!) with people shouting. I guess it ended fine. And the presentation went very well.

I was sorry she didn't get to leave in a more timely fashion and come home after all that stress, but she's always in major demand after having been out. People don't mean to be thoughtless, even when that's exactly what they're doing! I mean, all these people should be equally concerned about Marilyn's health in light of her concussion as it certainly does impact that office...

I had phoned about a prescription that wasn't ready, so we waited when she got home to go pick them up. After we finally did that, we went to get something to eat, skipping getting gas (sigh). And we did not do more shopping, which seriously needs to happen this weekend.

Tomorrow we MUST go for our long-delayed manicures. Sunday we have a funeral.

I saw June (and Jim, briefly) today. I finally took his birthday gifts and the jeans for her. And we had a couple of cups of coffee and a peanut butter cookies (I took cookies along and June had coffee).

I told her about the wonderful Heinz tomato soup we ate last night. And took along Dickenson's Lemon Curd for her to try (I think it's wonderful). And we discussed Blue Buffalo cat food, which is now carried at Safeway. (It used to be impossible to find anywhere!)

I mean to phone both sister Sue and Shari today, but that didn't happen. After eating I had a 'nap' that lasted for hours! I can't get over how much I sleep right now.

Well, it's past 3:00 a.m. and it's time to go to bed.

Sweet dreams, all!
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