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A Tough Day (A Tough Year)

There's no way around it: Marilyn and I are having a tough year.

Today was another very tough day for Marilyn. Work is -- at best -- unpleasant. She really hates her job right now. Very different from last year.

She worked really late. It was 9:30 (later?) when she finally got home. I know we were having dinner at 10:00 (and beyond). She was tired and hungry. We ate (totally veggies) and had a beer (big splurge). She went down to the family room to do the treadmill around 11:30. I was still in the living room.

I hear a TERRIBLE NOISE and start frantically across the floor, wrenching my body in my rush. Now I can hear Marilyn screaming downstairs and the treadmill is still making an awful sound. I run downstairs and see Marilyn crashing from the treadmill and falling against furniture and the wall as she ends up on the floor!

Music is blaring and the treadmill is going at some ridiculous speed. I get the treadmill turned off and the music off and am freaking out. Marilyn is bleeding all over and bruised and has struck her head in the fall. I'm just trying to remain somewhat calm. Her left knee -- the one she fell and hurt so bad last year -- is split open and blood is running out.

Thank God she wasn't hurt worse. She explained why she didn't just shut the machine down, as she would have been thrown from it! That hadn't occurred to me. I think had I been there I might have done something to make it far worse.

She was running hard trying to keep up and reach the controls, but she couldn't. Her left side got messed up, shoulder, arm and hand. Her right thumb and a finger got badly bruised. I was putting ice packs all over her once we got her off the floor and sitting on the sofa. She was seeing flashing lights at first, but thankfully that passed. She was never unconscious or confused. Her head is very sore, but the skin isn't broken and there was no bleeding. We'll see later about more bumps and bruising. Her shoulder has bad abrasion in two places.

It was difficult getting her up off the floor. She had been running, so she was sweating and her clothes were wet, as was her hair. We had to get her changed and she had to stand up in the bathroom and use a dryer to dry her hair. She'd had on a sleeveless shirt, but we changed her to one with sleeves, so I really couldn't reach her upper arm/shoulder to treat the wounds. I used alcohol swabs on her knee and hand/fingers and wrist. We discovered her ring -- the one she never removes -- had cut her finger badly, so off it came.

She was such a trooper as I tried to clean up the mess. The alcohol has to have been killing her.

It's now 4:15 and I'm so tired I have to lie down and sleep. I was in a down mood yesterday dealing with this continued fatigue (even crying about it), and it's no better today. I was trying to take a nap earlier, but of course that's when LaToya finally called me...

I had called LaToya and left a message to find out if she had followed up on my diabetic testing supplies prescription or not. I get little to NO help from my clinic with this stuff! I order supplies from the company that's covered me for years, but get no package. I call them and they no longer cover me. Would I like the number for my new supply company, maybe? Well no shit!!! Does my clinic help? Hell no. I call the new company, but they need a prescription, duh. Does my clinic check with me? No.

I talk to the 'helpful' LaToya who asks if I keep a testing log or not. Since I became a diabetic I've almost never missed a day testing AND recording the results. She needs 30 days of results for the new company. I tell her I'll get it for her -- how should I send it. She needs -- get this -- a fax!!! Not only do I not have a fax here at home, but we got rid of our fax machine at the office ages ago! Can they take an email? Absolutely NOT. Are you kidding me? I can 'drop it by' if I can't fax it. Yeah, and I have no way to get there today with Marilyn is working until the wee hours (poor thing).

I get the calendar and scan it, then turn that into a PDF and forward it to Marilyn. We have a workaround there for crazy people who still fax. I call the clinic to double check that they got it. The woman says something about 'modern technology' and I laugh at her -- I couldn't help myself! A fax is NOT modern by any stretch of the imagination! She joins in, agreeing with me! Finally she confirms it's there, though not that LaToya will get it today. That probably means no more will be done about the clinic sending the additional needed paperwork until next week... Hell, I've only been waiting since mid-February.

I'm fed up with incompetence. It's everywhere. I did my job today with the Princess announcement at the website first thing this morning. I did the proofing of the Press Release, too. I spoke with Donn about IT. I fixed the webpage for compliance for the BBB. (But I only got a twenty minute nap...)

I should be sleeping (it's now 4:33). But I'm listening to Marilyn snoring and afraid not to be able to check on her.

I think the treadmill went nuts. It's old and has been used hard. She thinks she touched something, but that SOUND!!! And I sat on it after and it was burning hot! I just don't know.

Plus tonight the furnace was making some BAD sounds, too. We finally just turned it off.

Tomorrow we need to go the office so she can work on her PowerPoint for her presentation next week. Qi hope I can help her! Today she had to work (again) on Jeff's PowerPoint. There's nobody but me to help her!

And we MUST get manicures -- we should have done it last weekend. It would be nice to go shopping, as we're out of a bunch of stuff like toilet paper, cat food, dishwashing liquid and FOOD FOR US. WE just ate our last package of stale crackers tonight... We need eggs and crackers and coffee and on and on...

I'm heading to check on her. I hope this won't require a trip to the doctor. She's worrying about working out and her current training, and I'm worrying about her pain and ability to keep going.

What choice do we have?

I really need that energy to kick in any second now. This additional fatigue is impossible. And how does Marilyn keep going? Yesterday she did the announcement at the school. She and Lisa walked there (it was downtown) and got caught in a terrible downpour!

So many people in our office are sick, have medical issues or injuries -- or family members with issues. What a mess!

Well, sister Sue had a good time at cribbage last night, anyway. She had a nice conversation with me this morning. She keeps these short -- I think because that's all she can manage mentally...

I hope things are going REALLY WELL for all my friends. Keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers. I love you and wish you well.
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