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Photo Search and Other Work...

I spent nearly three hours looking through photos today for a project Rich and Marilyn are doing for Jeff. I'm pretty sure Jeff has NO CLUE the amount of man hours and effort that goes into this, seriously, considering it's unlikely he even has any idea I'm involved...

But after spending ages going through my Camera Roll on my iPhone, I found a bunch of this stuff on my external harddrive in digital camera downloads! Surprise! It's been ages since I relied on my camera, so I guess I didn't know what all I'd find that way.

The Princess selection for today was early on. I went back to bed after Marilyn left, but didn't sleep, as I was expecting text messages any time. This was number three, so I should be developing a pattern, but I still feel it's a bit clumsy. Oh well. There's no perfect way to do it.

I get a test text and respond to it. It's Kate seeing if she can reach us from a school auditorium (which isn't always easy). Later we get work the announcement has been made. This is a GO signal. Rich is on it fast, sending out the Press Release to the media. I'm waiting for a photo, which he doesn't need. In the meantime I'm usually already logged in to the website. I can load up the Bio and Speech and type in the name and school name. If there's a delay with the photo, I use a placeholder image I have ready.

When the photo arrives I size it twice -- once for Facebook (my own entry) and again for the website (200 x 200 pixels in size -- much smaller!). I put a pre-created frame the small version. Of course I sometimes have to mess around with the image to make it work... Then I load the image up to our library at the website and finally I go and upload it to the proper Princess page.

The first day I had to re-do the image, as I'd grabbed a frame Christine had tried last year, forgetting that we decided not to use it. It was purple and faded into the background, so we returned to my pink frame from previous years. The second Princess had a spelling error in her Bio and on the website (she has an interesting and somewhat difficult name -- and there's a capital I which ended up being replaced by an L and whatever... We finally got it fixed!) No issues today, anyway!

Marilyn will be doing the girl for tomorrow (at St. Mary's). So she just did the treadmill and her hair and is currently drying it before heading to bed (it's now past 2:00 a.m.).

These weeks where we have the Court announcements are stressful and very busy every year. I think moreso this year, but we're all doing our part.

I got word today that another member of our staff has a serious health issue and needs surgery and will be out for several weeks. Aside from me, there have been two other women who've had medical issues aside from this new one. It's that kind of year, I guess.

And Rich is sick (he was getting sick yesterday while I was with him), as is Jeff. Yikes. I hope it doesn't run through the entire staff. We just can't afford to have everyone out sick!

There's an 'Apple, Inc.' scam going on via telephone. I got several DOZEN calls today! I was sort of counting these at first. And then I actually talked to them a couple of times. They discuss your devices, but then want you to get on your computer. WTF??? Logic makes them hang up. So why call back over and over? I finally blocked the main number, then they started calling back with an 'Out of Area' number that you can't block! Geez.

Well, off to bed as it's late. More soon, hopefully!

Sweet dreams, all!
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