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New Seasonal Receptionist Trained...

I've been writing up NOTES and trying to figure out how to catch up my blog. It seems hopeless. Hahaha. And I have a lot of IMPORTANT life moments to share and record. But maybe I just need to jump in and try to actually post an entry for a change. So not like me! I've been 'the person who blogs every day' -- and that's actually a part of my identity in many ways. And it's a part of my identity I like. So hopefully I'll start to do that again...

Anyway, for those who follow me at Facebook, you probably know my latest 'big deal.' I hate saying that, because as you all know: LiveJournal is my favorite Social Media activity. Period. Always has been and probably always will be. I love it here and Facebook isn't even a close second. Actually, I prefer Instagram to Facebook, so it's not even second. Hahaha. I guess the main thing about Facebook is it's quick... But it has a million strikes against it, aside from that.

Today was a training day at the festival office. The new person is Alyssa who happens to be brand new to Portland! She's only lived here a week and is coming to work for us. I was impressed by her. She'll sit in the 'front desk' position and is our Seasonal Receptionist who will assist Wanda (who I always think of as Receptionist, even though her official title is 'Administrative Assistant').

The training went well.

The day didn't.

I just didn't FEEL WELL. I'd had low blood sugar in the middle of the night. Woke up and went to test and fell back asleep. Marilyn woke me and gave me dark chocolate as I was in the 80's. I was so damn tired I couldn't stay awake to do something about the low -- that's the first time EVER that this has happened. Or as Marilyn said, "Did you just want to DIE, or what?" (Lows are no joke. You can easily go into a coma and not wake up again. But I have never gone back to sleep! Lows have always awakened me...)

I'll crack that up to my recent iron infusion from last Wednesday. I still plan to try and go back for myself and 'fill in' some of these past days. But anyway, last Tuesday was my follow up with Dr. Phan, my hematologist. I was so low on iron and so anemic that he wanted me to come in the very next day for an infusion. I was enthusiastic, so that's what happened.

Infusions are done in the same room that chemo (etc.) is done. It's a big room full of lounge-type chairs that can recline. There are a couple of small rooms for privacy, but almost everybody is just in the big room together. (They appear to put people who are vomiting and so on in the small rooms for obvious reasons.) My infusion takes several hours, and Marilyn had dropped me off at 9:00-ish as she had a meeting she had to attend. She did come back and sit with me for a spell before heading off to another meeting later.

There are side effects to the treatment. I've been EXHAUSTED -- more tired than I was before the infusion. This is mentioned quite a bit online, so I assume it's a common thing. Some days I feel like just sleeping the day away -- and I have been sleeping a lot. There are also other side effects (various pains and whatever), but whatever. If this ends up helping me, the side effects don't matter. I can put up with those to gain more energy!

I will supposedly see the positive effects of the treatment in 10 days to three weeks. And I go back again in May to test and see how it's all working out. I spoke to my medical manager (Nancy) from my clinic and it turns out her daughter has taken these all her life! She goes every six months or so (depending on how she's feeling). I've even said I'd go once a month if I could see real change.

Today the low blood sugar had me down, however. I was STILL LOW when we got up to get ready for work -- though not as low as in the middle of the night, thankfully! That always has me dragging, though. (sigh)

I could barely walk over to Starbucks with the gang. That's our new person tradition every time.

And aside from feeling puny, I was having some pain on and off, too. It really had me cranky, considering things were just not going well today. There were a ton of IT-related issues: Donn having a couple of issues I had to address, problems with the Court announcement for today, setup issues with the new Profile, a couple of issues on my computer (!!!), I suddenly discover I screwed up the new Profile and have to dump it and re-do it from scratch (a big hassle). I'm trying to do the phone setup (more complicated for the front desk phones). I'm trying to get Lisa to be able to do Jeff's calendar from her own Profile -- that was a huge waste of time! Marilyn finally said she could just sit on his computer to enter the info, which was great by me.

I was trying to follow very complicated instructions on how to go into the regedit and make some modifications. First off, I'm always reluctant to do it, but I have done it successfully in the past. However it does require really exacting details on HOW for me to even try it, which I could not find no matter how hard I looked. I was ready to have Kris assist me when we threw in the towel...

Marilyn is downstairs right now doing the treadmill so she can get her 10,000 steps. She went to Starbucks this morning then took a walk later on, so she had more than 8,000 steps. I just checked my Fitbit and I got 7,000 steps today -- not bad at all!!!

I also did some minor website adjustments today...

As I mentioned, Donn was there and we tackled some things. This will be on-going stuff. And Kris came in and he and went to lunch at the Turkey Place (he bought). I had half a sandwich and some soup. Very yummy! (Actually a lot of food for me these days...) Kris is trying to work on our internet connections and WiFi which is a big pain in the ass, frankly. But I guess that's pretty much true for everyone these days!!!

We came home around 6:00 which seems early. I remember sitting down in my chair in the living room and I guess I just went to sleep and didn't wake up until past 8:00. I was worn out.

We're going to head to bed shortly, which is fine by me. I know when the iron kicks in I'll feel like a million bucks. I just need to hang in there until then.

Two Princesses down and 12 more to go (we only have 14 this year, rather than 15). I still need to show somebody how to do the website upload, but for now I'm doing my best to handle it. We had a name issue today. It's an unusual name with difficult spelling. And even when you get the spelling right it looks wrong! Hahaha. Oh well. Plus I started with one photo and moved to a second one.

Weird thing about WordPress: even if you tell it to permanently delete an image, if you upload another image named the same it will revert to the original image! What a PITA!!! I can't overwrite an image with a new one unless I rename...

I think that actually might be true for ANYTHING you upload to the library, including PDFs. Again, that is ridiculous!!! There are so many things like this that I really hate about WordPress...

I'm sipping a ZESTY BLOOD ORANGE Diet Coke. I really haven't decided if I like it. Hahaha. I mean, I guess I like it, but I don't know if I love it. I think the skinny tall cans are weird, anyway. It doesn't fit in my holder that helps keep it cold. Geez.

The new people this year are not only liking, but seem to be loving my 'Beatles theme' for passwords. Haha. I like it, too.

And, yes, I wore a Beatles tee to work today. With my new gray pants. I was stunned to be down to that size when Marilyn and I went to shop for them! I thought I was an 18, but I'm now officially a 16. Shock. I also have new mini-boots that are gray that I adore. Gray has always been one of my fave colors.

Well, that's it for today and it's a start. I'm going to get back to this!!! And I miss all of you painfully! I hope things are good for you.

So many crazy things to share from February! What a busy month. Plus this change after turning 65 medically speaking has been very interesting. Man, it is so weird to be 65! I just can't even buy it most days. I don't feel 60, much less 65!!!

Sweet dreams and happy times, guys!
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