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Busy Day at Work -- Shari Didn't Come Today...

I was actually at the festival office today because Marilyn and I were expecting our friend Shari to come by. We've been trying to figure this out for weeks now (before Christmas). We have gifts and cards for both her birthday and Christmas to give her. It's quite a bit, so I did say I didn't think she could get it all home on the bus...

But by the time I finally reached her in the afternoon, it was too late for her to come out. Marilyn had to leave the office by 3:30 today for her dental appointment (and of course I went with her). Anyway, we're going to try again this Thursday.

It was a BUSY day at work, anyway. I had a bunch of stuff to tackle. And Donn was there and we have a lot of joint IT work to get done, as well.

I did get to go to Starbucks with Rich (and buy for him), so that was nice. Marilyn wasn't feeling well in the morning, so she didn't go along.

Donn didn't get to the office until WE WERE ALREADY IN STAFF MEETING (that is frankly not a good thing!), I'm afraid. Staff Meetings will move upstairs soon according to Jeff, as we're pretty packed into the downstairs conference room.

The notetaking/presentation laptop had gone 'missing' today (!!!) and I was pretty burned about it. I'm responsible for all this equipment, so I don't appreciate it when someone moves it without letting me know. Anyway, it was 'found' again and Marilyn is going to have it stored in her office from now on.

Happy moment: I kept telling Donn we had already set up a Profile on a computer for Sue B. LAST YEAR when she worked for us. But he hadn't found it and Marilyn was convinced I didn't do it from things Sue had said. And Donn had no record of doing it. I think that's because I actually set up her Profile last year (and I rarely do these anymore, Donn usually does them now). Anyway, I suddenly noticed one of the PHONES was set up for her (!!!), so I had Donn check that computer and sure enough! There was her Profile! Profiles can take from and hour to two hours to do, so this is a real time (and money) saver...

No, I didn't get together with either Steven or Jessica P. about various web-related items. But as I told Steven in the afternoon, it's early yet and I think we'll know more in around a week from now.

But I was disappointed not to be able to do the Clown-related stuff with Angel as planned. Oh well.

I'm drinking 'Herb Guru' right now (very thirsty!). It's pretty nasty tasting, but is supposed to be 'good for you' (if you know what I mean!). It came from the office and I wanted something cold to drink. I think I'm not really that desperate as I taste it, however! Hahaha.

I got 11,000+ steps today! Most of that was without the treadmill. I only had to do around 10 minutes on the treadmill to finish off my 10,000 -- then just walked to get the rest. I often get a lot of steps on work days.

I did go to Starbucks with Rich and then took a walk with Marilyn -- she's very dedicated to her walking and running right now! Marilyn did the treadmill and also got around 11,000 steps.

We dashed to Fred Meyer tonight to get pop (we were out) and I also got my new Fitbit. It's an Alta wristband one. I'm not sure I actually like it that much, to tell you the truth. I guess we'll see. What I wasn't happy about tonight was it NOT tracking my actual steps as I took them. And it would track steps and display them and them SUBTRACT steps. What the HELL is that about????????

I guess we'll see how it goes. It was ridiculously expensive compared to buying the Zip, even on sale (Freddies had a sale on them). Oh well.

I already have more than a 1,000 steps for Wednesday, anyway, as Marilyn was on the treadmill past midnight, so I just kept walking back and forth, too.

She's playing Zuma now while I'm typing this up.

David at FISH resolved one of my festival website issues that I just couldn't figure out. Turns out it's something he can touch but I can't, so that's fine...

I felt bad for Marilyn needing to go to the dentist. She had two cavities in the same tooth! She was in pain tonight, anyway.

We picked up Taco Time on the way home -- there's one near the dentist -- and had that for dinner. Yummy!

Then we both ended up having a nap before going shopping. We barely made it to the store!

Jessica M. was out today. She's having some medical issues that we both relate to. I hope things improve for her soon, poor thing...

Jim (June's husband) has a birthday soon.

Marilyn is taking Friday off work (she has to work all day Saturday). I have my appointment with the hemetologist on Friday in the morning. Again, the reason I'm supposedly seeing a blood specialist is that I have too much lead in my blood. I have to wonder if it's also about my pancreas, but I don't really know, to be honest. I guess we'll see how it goes on Friday.

I still need to tackle the huge pile of paperwork which of course I didn't get done over the weekend. (sigh)

Well, off to bed soon. It's nearly 2:00 a.m. Naturally when we're exercising late it's hard to get to bed earlier...

I think all my steps speak for how much better I felt today. A big deal considering I started out the day around 5:00 a.m. with LOW BLOOD SUGAR yet again! We were making jokes about it. 'What if I hadn't had raspberries before bed last night? Would I have died in my sleep?' I guess that doesn't sound that funny, but seriously! I eat berries before bed and still have low blood sugar in the early morning!!!

I bring that back up without spiking by eating some DARK chocolate, which works great. We need to try that thing they suggest now about eating dark chocolate before working out -- supposedly it's good for you, too.

Sweet dreams, friends!
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