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Just 'Off' Today...

I didn't feel sick or anything, but I just felt a bit 'off' (if that makes sense. I guess you could say I've had better days...

I did get a bunch of festival website work done, anyway. But some issues came up that I can fix, so I did contact Brit and David about it. Brit wrote back, but she isn't quite following what I'm referencing. I might need to phone her tomorrow...

I'm in the office on Tuesday. Shari is supposed to come by. And Donn is coming in to work. Marilyn told me Staff people are excited I'm coming to the office, which is nice. It's lovely to be that wel liked by co-workers.

I promised Rich we'd go to Starbucks.

Marilyn and I really didn't have dinner to speak of tonight. She fixed this cauliflower and mashed potatoes thing she'd picked up and it was delicious! Very low calories. We need to get more. Frozen and heats in the microwave, so easy to prepare.

We also ate a bit of cheese and crackers...

I did my pills today. And discovered I was out of Lisinopril -- my high blood pressure medicine. The pharmacy said I had no prescription. So I called my clinic who confirmed I had no prescription. WTF? I've been on it for years. No mention was made of taking me off. And my blood pressue was high during my last visit. I said if Leslie wanted me off the pills, of course !'d stop. And left it at that.

Nobody called me back.

This evening I got a text that my pills had been refilled. Geez.

I colored my hair today, which needed it.

I was working on another project in both Word 2007 on the computer, then in the WPS App on my iPad. It was complicated, but good practice for me. I don't use Word that much. Actually, I probably use WPS more than Word.

True Grit is coming on. (smile) God, we love that movie.

Marilyn was home by 5:00 tonight -- unheard of. She's been tired with her working out.

Talked briefly to sister Sue today.

We had raspberries before bed. Nice.

My blood sugar is quite good today.

Time for bed.
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