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Nice Weekend -- Lots of Rest AND Walking

The goal for the weekend? Rest and more rest. But to continue healthy eating (which we've now done for months) and to continue our goal to get to bed earlier and get more sleep. Sometimes that ends up more about sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday than it does about getting to bed earlier on the night before. Haha.

We're still seeing the effects of adding more and more exercise. That means feeling tired as our bodies adjust to the additional workouts. All normal and all good. We're cutting ourselves a lot of slack as we work on getting in better shape, physically.

Marilyn is averaging something like 18,000 steps a day right now -- astonishing!!! She's not only walking, but running. She goes for walks during the day and then does the treadmill at night. She's inspirational.

My hip was bothering me today, I'm afraid. I was kind of hoping I wouldn't need another bursal injection this soon, but it's often what keeps me walking, it seems. The pain is not as bad as usual, though. I have to guess that's about diet and other factors, as I'm generally in constant pain. Interesting!

I can't remember what I'm averaging right now, but it's in excess of my 'goal' of 4,000 steps a day, anyway.

Friday night Marilyn and I actually went to a spur-of-the-moment movie, "Call Me By Your Name," which was really enjoyable. I highly recommend it! Pretty remarkable for a film with subtitles...

We took walks on both Saturday and on Sunday. Saturday on Sauvie Island and today at the Twin Tunnels path.

Mostly we took it easy and got a lot of sleep, though...

I got hair color and will color tomorrow as I'm growing white roots. It makes me look weirdly 'bald' because of the light-colored roots! Very unattractive, anyway...

I'm using the same medium brown shade as last time, rather than one of my darker and redder shades. We'll see how that goes, anyway.

We see Shari on Tuesday. I have Donn coming in that day to work -- and obviously I'll be there! Haha.

Marilyn just did the treadmill forever while we watched "How the Beatles Changed the World" on Netflix (1 hour and 49 minutes long). It was very entertaining. Then she washed and is now drying her hair so we can head to bed...

I highly recommend this Beatles show, too, by the way. Very well done and very interesting!

I need to take my nighttime pills (I'm late!) and head that way very soon...

I really can't seem to get back in the habit of blogging! I'm disappointed in myself. I know I've got a lot going on, but I've tried to never let that stand in my way in the past. Oh well.

I have my appointment with the specialist on Friday. I hope that goes well...

Sweet dreams, friends and family!
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