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Really? Okay, Then...

It's 2:00 a.m.

I just finished up the damn garbage and recycling (real garbage week). I should have finished long before this. I had a decent start earlier today...

Marilyn and I had naps after dinner. We were very tired from our exercise for last night. So she failed to get her 10,000 steps and I failed to get 6,000 steps. We just didn't wake up in time!


Yesterday (January 31) was sister Sue's 75th birthday. It's nearly impossible for us to see her on a weekday. I did phone her early in the morning and sang to her. But then NOBODY could reach her all day long by phone! It turns out her son Larry took her out to his house for the day and to stay overnight. It would have been nice if he could have sent me a lousy text message to tell me. But hell no.

Her daughter Candy and granddaughter Nicole took her out to dinner the night before her birthday. Candy left the morning of her birthday for a vacation in California with a friend, asking if Marilyn and I could 'look in on' her Mom. I explained we'd been there both days over the weekend, but weekdays are hard (everybody knows how we work, so it really doesn't need explaining).

I did speak to Sue today who was very confused. She hadn't received her phone messages from either June or Marilyn that I know were left for her yesterday. She said Larry and family had had 'dinner' for her birthday and that was it. Seriously?

We have gifts which we'll give her on the weekend... (sigh)

And I'm reading updates on Facebook of Candy's good time in Cali. I don't begrudge her. We got our trip back in December in NYC (not mentioning that we rarely ever even get to our beach house in Seaside, but I don't begrudge anyone else a good time or time away). I'm glad for her -- just sad for Sue.

But Sue is a problem as she won't cooperate with anyone. Not sure she can even if she wanted to...

Meanwhile Marilyn and I have our own health issues to deal with, including her IBS-d. I'm a week away from seeing the blood specialist. (sigh)

I did set up to see our friend Shari next week on Tuesday. We've been trying to do that since before Christmas and now it's February...

We're still trying hard to eat better and exercise more and get all our work done -- there's a ton of it.

Real life is where we have trouble. We both have 2018 goals, but not enough time to hit all of them.

Time for bed.
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