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Playing Catch Up -- AGAIN!!!

Hey, Charlie??? What the HELL is the matter with you? Why can't you get back to blogging every day! You'll be very sorry you didn't... Well, I'm annoyed with myself, I must admit. But it's one of those 'something has to give' things. I can't get over how much there is to DO every single day.

Well, it's my attempt to play catch up, anyway!

Marilyn had Court orientation first thing in the morning.

Then we ran some errands, but didn't do our manicures -- we just couldn't get ourselves to go.

One of the things we did was to drop by Sue's house briefly.

Then Marilyn and I took a ride to Kelly Point Park and took a walk there. (We're trying to get a lot of walking in right now.)

We were up late to see the Men's Finals for the Australian Open Tennis Championship of 2018. But we didn't even manage to stay awake for the end of the match as it ran so long into the night! Roger did win, and we were pulling for him.

We got up in time to go do our manicures. We both went VERY SHORT this time around. We both want to be able to work on learning the guitar and there's no way to make chords with long nails! Not even as long as we normally have, which really aren't that long. I think it would be safe to say my nails are actually short right now. And neither one of us cared much about the color, either. Hahaha.

After getting our nails done we stopped to see Sue and take her to get Starbucks. But we were in a hurry as we needed to get home and change into our uniforms for the funeral we were attending. We wanted to be there early as we knew it would be a big turn out. It was downtown, so we needed to get parking, as well (not easy downtown). And walk to the event.

It was held at the Portland Art Museum in the ballroom, and was packed with people. This event was for the amazing Vera Katz. Vera Katz (August 3, 1933 – December 11, 2017) was an American Democratic politician here in the state of Oregon. She was the first woman to serve as Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives, and later became the 49th mayor of Portland. She was elected to the Oregon House in 1972, and served as mayor from 1993 to 2005.

I have a photo of Vera with me here in my home office. Marilyn knew Vera quite well and did a lot of work with her when Vera was our Mayor. (Marilyn was invited to her retirement party, which was a big deal at the time. Marilyn took Jeff as her 'date' so he would be able to attend...) You can read more about Vera HERE.

After that we picked up Sue and went for a short ride up the Gorge (Columbia River Gorge). We stopped in Cascade Locks and had a bite to home before heading back and dropping off Sue.

Marilyn and I considered going to a movie on Sunday but were just too tired, so decided to skip it. There are several movies we'd like to see, but we haven't been up for it much recently.

This is ridiculous, but I don't remember yesterday that well. I was doing things around the house and messing with the festival website.

The main thing I recall is Marilyn on the treadmill running and me walking back and forth downstairs in the family room to get my steps. I was struggling with my damn Zip Fitbit which appears to be broken! The way these are made if you have to take the battery in and out (and they just eat batteries), then the little panel that opens and closes ends up cracking!

I did finally get 5,000 steps, anyway...

Oh! Marilyn brought home veggie burritos from Chipotle for dinner. That was nice!

Marilyn had to go to the dentist and came directly home after.

Marilyn has been waking up every morning at 5:01 a.m. Just an aside...

I spent time on the festival website again. And trying to work with Barracuda (our SPAM blocker), which I still don't understand all that well. (sigh)

I went out and once again fixed the umbrella for the critters by the tree. While I was there Carl dropped by and chatted with me. He's a black neighbor who would really like to start doing some yard work for me. He also mentioned today that he paints houses, so you never can tell...

I made it clear I don't want to fire Hector. But if Hector decides he can't keep going with the yardwork, I'll need somebody new. I also might want him to finish up the job Hector started on the tree (and never finished). Depending on how high Carl's bid is, of course. He's supposed to come by on Friday.

We ate leftovers from the Chipotle order for dinner tonight. We frequently eat leftovers now, as we rarely ever finish a meal. I had leftover Bong food for lunch (I stretched that meal into four different meals, actually!).

When Marilyn got up early this morning it woke me and I checked my blood sugar, which was low again. So I had some dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is actually good for you -- and I've gotten so I don't care for milk chocolate anymore -- who would have ever thought that would happen??? I just eat enough to bring me back up again without spiking, anyway. Lows happen for me when I eat very little and also exercise. But I'd rather be low than high...

Loving my new insulin pen, by the way! What a change from syringes with those miserable big needles that always hurt.

I tried to call June today, but missed her. I hope I can see her tomorrow...

We just each had a bowl of raspberries before bed. They weren't the best -- rather green and sour. Oh well. We don't eat many sweet things anymore, so we enjoy this treat quite a bit. (We don't eat that much period, if you want to know the truth.)

Speaking of, my weight was down a pound today. That makes me happy!

Marilyn had massage therapy tonight with Amanda in Donald, Oregon (that's a LONG drive). I did the treadmill while she was gone. I was listening to chords on my phone (using a speaker) and watching the movie "A Hard Day's Night" (the sound off) on TV. I got 6,000 steps today!

I got my paperwork for my upcoming appointment. It's tons of pages! I looked it over today and it's daunting. But I did force myself to go and type up my entire list of prescriptions and supplements -- and Marilyn was kind enough to print it out for me! So that was a step in the right direction, anyway. I wonder why they have to make all of this so hard to do? (sigh)

Well, we're heading to bed shortly. Believe it or not, it's not midnight yet!!! Maybe we'll make it to bed early tonight -- at least, early for us!

Sweet dreams, guys!
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