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Saturday and Sunday -- Catch Up!

Marilyn and I tried to take it a bit easy this weekend -- never a simple thing for us!

We had issues at the office we had to deal with (sigh) and problems with sister Sue. I wish Sue could somehow get along to some degree with Candy, seeing as they've been living together for decades now. And Sue DOES need to use her oxygen and CPAP, take her damn pills and get exercise! She's been eating way too much, drinking too many fluids and lying around too much. The pills thing is maddening, considering I call her constantly to try and help.

She was in massive tears on more than one occasion when I spoke to her. I'm sympathetic, but she's not trying hard enough. And I can't blame Candy for getting worn out with her...

Apparently Sue did go to a cribbage tournament this weekend which made her happy, anyway... But expecting us to come there when I told her we COULD NOT DO SO this weekend is asking a lot. (sigh)

Saturday, January 20:
Marilyn and I attended the funeral for our friend Swede. Besides being a long-time member of the Royal Rosarians (which was how we knew him), he was also in the Elks and was a Mason. This is, interestingly enough, the first Masonic funeral Marilyn and I have ever attended. Fascinating, anyway!

We sat with Connie and Marcia at the funeral.

We stopped by the festival office afterwards and found that a window in Marilyn's office had been broken!!! These are huge windows (the building has a lot of glass), by the way. We got immediately concerned that someone could kick in the window and access her office and the entire building. So we were dealing with this for some time. Trying to figure out who to get to help us! Jeff was not initially much help. We took several items away with us to protect them (the crown, scepter and Marilyn's scepter).

We ran some errands and called it good...

Sunday, January 21:
We slept in today. We've been working out and have had a lot going on in January and we're TIRED. So sleeping is a good deal.

We needed to go to the office and see what (if anything) had been done about the window. Happily it got boarded up!!! I wonder when they'll replace it? It's far from lovely right now.

We did go to Starbucks and had brunch out (we were starving). And a long nap once we got home.

We decided to see a movie on the spur of the moment. We went to "Phantom Thread" which had excellent acting and an amazing setting, but was a VERY STRANGE movie, even so. It has 91% at Rotten Tomatoes -- which is unheard of! But seriously, it's an odd film. I'm not sure I'd recommend it to others. It was not what we'd been expecting.

No, we did not go shopping for supplements tonight as planned. We were too tired. We need to go, though.

Time for bed as it's 1:00 a.m. now. Marilyn has NO MEETINGS tomorrow! I hope that makes for a better day for her. Last week was brutal and she's pretty unhappy with her job right now...

An aside: I'm a bit burned I got nothing from my nurse practitioner Leslie on Saturday in the mail. I'm waiting to get that referral, for one thing -- but also the printed explanation of my labs, seeing as I wasn't even able to take notes when she phoned. Geez. I guess I'll have to call and get on this on Monday. Annoying.

Sweet dreams, friends.
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