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Sleepy Day...

Marilyn and I went to my doctor appointment today. Basically Leslie decided to do labs. If those come back negative, she's going to send me to a specialist.

She was very nice today -- especially positive about my weight loss, which made me happy.

After that Marilyn and I drove and got Starbucks, then went to Chipotle to get VEGGIE BURRITOS for lunch/dinner. We really do love these, so that was a nice treat!!!

Other than that, we spent a bunch of time SLEEPING. And watching some of the Australian Open Tennis tournament, too -- but mostly we slept during it. (grin)

We both realize we need to cut ourselves some slack about being tired right now. When you're really kicking up your exercise routine, you are tired for the first several weeks. And we're also getting back into our festival season, so...

Actually, it's 11:00 p.m. and we're heading to bed! Shocking, right? Hahaha. I don't know how others do it. We have such a tough time getting in bed before midnight.

Sweet dreams, everybody!!!
Tags: 2018, bedtime, chipotle, dinner, doctor-appointment, exercise, food, january-2018, labs, leslie-c, lunch, marilyn, nap, napping, resting, sleep, sleeping, starbucks, tired, weight-loss

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