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Another Interesting Day -- Rooting the Drains

Marilyn has been having trouble with a slow draining bathtub in her downstairs bathroom. Mine was only slightly better. And frequently we have issues with the laundry room sink where the washer dumps. So I got an appointment for today between noon and 3:00 with Mr. Rooter.

I'm not sure why they call this 'rooting' -- usually inside the house it's about things that go down the drain, and that's mostly HAIR. As Marilyn and I both have long hair and have had this done before, we knew what to expect...

We've been using Mr. Rooter for years, so I naturally went back to them. The change in COST was a bit of a surprise (read SHOCK) when options were quoted to me! This is obviously why they do not post their prices anywhere you can check them. The process is a 'free' estimate -- if you agree they do the work immediately. The first drain is the 'expensive' one with each successive drain costing a bit less. Not much!

And the ONLY option that made sense to us was the so-called 'cheap' one, which was $600 (!!!) for the three drains! Don't forget, they have a six day guarantee. I was so stunned I had to phone Marilyn before agreeing. Hahaha. Yikes. This used to be something like $75 a drain. I guess it's been awhile since we had to have it done...

This morning aside from my festival work, I spent time preparing the three areas -- I've been through this rodeo before, after all. It doesn't pay to leave ANYTHING right around where the work takes place, as this is a messy process. And I ended up picking up in general around the house before deciding I did NOT need to clean for the drain guy. Hahaha.

He was a nice kid (very young, but strong). Short hair, but he told me he used to have long, long hair back in his pot smoking days. Hahaha. He was very hard working, but said it was only four years ago he lazed about not working. Ah, youth. His mind is decidedly in a different place now, however.

The process is also VERY NOISY. I don't know exactly what machinery he uses, but it plugs in and is hard to hear.

I was 'going about my own work' (at his suggestion) and doing a business-related phone call. I had to close doors to hear. Yikes.

He was here for HOURS doing these drains! And was pleased to show me first how slow they were and later how fast they were. Proud of his work.

He was much more careful than others I've had in here, putting down drop cloths and so on. But it's STILL messy, even so! So after that I had to put everything back to normal and do my own cleaning up. Glad to have THAT out of the way. It usually lasts for years. I can't recall the last time it was done here...

OKAY! Just looked it up and we last had it done in 2015. Um, that bothers me. I mean, at these prices. Hahaha.

Marilyn and I ate leftovers for dinner from Bong (the restaurant right up the street from here). We were both hungry after no food during the day.

We've been getting steps every day again. Marilyn is just under 10,000 steps a day for the week. I'm averaging around 5,500 steps a day (but that's not what I'm getting every day). I did get over 5,000 steps today by doing the treadmill. Marilyn has even been doing some running on the treadmill. She also has been getting out daily to go for a walk as her one break during the work day.

Marilyn took sister Sue to the doctor yesterday. More about that later. Let's just say she's frustrated. We both are. I spoke to her several times today. She told me she had weighed and was 180. Marilyn says that's IMPOSSIBLE as she was nearly 200 pounds at the doctor and even allowing for clothing that's too far down too fast. I just want her to take her damn pills and weigh herself, then write it all down as agreed...

I've also been weighing daily -- the first time in my life, really. We used to only weigh once a week on a given day (way back when). We have a very fancy scale tied to our Fitbits now that tells weight and body fat percentage.

Well, headed for bed as it's past midnight. I just took out the recycling as it's garbage night. I also did the cat boxes today and cleaned out the cat water.

Busy damn day, all in all!

I get my hair cut on Saturday and see the doctor on Monday!

I hope life is treating you all well, dear friends (and family).
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