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Back to Blogging -- About Time

I really let myself down during the end of 2017 -- and now for the beginning of 2018. For the most part, I'm VERY PROUD of everything I've been doing (or not doing), but I'm very disappointed I didn't keep up my daily blogging!

I was bad about it in 2012 (the year we got the beach house), and have regretted it terribly since then. So if you had told me earlier in the year I'd just let blogging go, I would have thought you were crazy!

I'm back. I mean it. I'm going to 'get back' (Beatles reference) now and stick with it!

I took Christmas down last week -- except for our tree, that is. I'd originally planned to take the tree down on Little Christmas (Three Kings Day), which has been a life-long habit. But over the weekend I decided to wait until Monday (I wasn't planning to be in the office today), which is what I did.

I had to MOTIVATE MYSELF, as it's not an easy job. The tree is HEAVY to lift. And awkward to move around. Then it's hard to box it up. Once it's been unpacked and set up, it's hard to ever 'compact' it enough to go back in the box properly. It actually went very smoothly today, though. Then I had to drag the heavy (very) box out to the garage. I mopped the wet/dirty floor with an old towel so I wouldn't drag the box in that muck. Anyway, it's done (woo hoo).

HEARTBREAKING for poor Colin, who wishes the tree could always be there.

I might still try going back and filling in days I missed. In the meantime,here's a short version...

Marilyn and I had a nice holiday season. Socially busy, but we still got time to relax and rest, which was good.

I've been nearly vegetarian for many weeks now. No, not vegan -- I'm still eating cheese. I'm still eating packaged rye bread. And crackers. And a small amount of egg. But no meat (with only a few exceptions). And Marilyn and I totally observe Meat Free Monday each week. (Thank you, Sir Paul, for your inspiration.)

I'm eating LESS, period. I'm hungry more, which is actually a good thing. I've lost some weight, but mostly I didn't gain during December.

New York was AWESOME!!!!!!! Amazing! And this from someone who hates flying because of the discomfort. (No, I don't fear flying at all.)

Marilyn is back to work and having long, difficult days. January is (always) the start of our season, which runs through the month of June. I trained Rich last Tuesday and will be training a new person tomorrow. I'll be working on the website Wednesday...

I just finished reading "Once There Was a Way: What if The Beatles Stayed Together? -- a novel that suggests: Imagine another reality -- it's easy if you try. What if John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Richard Starkey had taken a sad song and made it better, continuing to play as The Beatles? Written by Bryce Zabel, who is a Hollywood writer/producer who's created five primetime TV series, written produced feature films, worked as a CNN correspondent and served as the CEO of the Television Academy (that gives out the Emmys). He's a winner of the Writers Guild screenwriting award for his miniseries work.

And I thought it was WONDERFUL, personally. In fact, finishing the book motivated this blog entry. I have to say I admire Bryce's concept of an alternate history story. Who hasn't said 'what if' abot the Beatles???

The story was well-researched and believable -- a very enjoyable read. And it made me cry.

But Marilyn and I are more wrapped up in the Beatles right now than ever before in our lives. The Beatles make us HAPPY. The Beatles keep us SANE. The Beatles are apparently exactly what we need right now in our lives. It's great fun sharing this with each other.

NYC was part of that, by the way. Just an aside...

I need to see my nurse practitioner. I have SOMETHING going on that's worrying us. These weird splotches on both my arms are strange -- and really bad right now. My face also seems ridiculously bloated and round -- especially as I'm not really heavy right now...

Marilyn is tired and sleeping on the sofa...

I have been writing, even if I haven't been blogging. A goal, writing more.

More soon.

I hope all is well, guys! Love you and miss you.
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