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Doctor's Appointment next Tuesday

Yes, sister Sue, I finally made my doctor appointment! (grin)

(She's been nagging me for ages about it...)

I really need to have him take a look at this current outbreak of psoriasis. (It's mostly on the top of my right hand -- around the knuckles and wrist.) No, it's not a big deal -- certainly nothing to what many psoriasis suffers have to put up with! (And I don't have to glue my fingertips together or anything that drastic. Shuddering here...)

Plus it's not back on my eyelids (which I've had in past years). Actually, it's barely flared up at all. But, damn it, it hurts! So give me cream or something doctor...

(I need the appointment anyway, to get my meds renewed.)

It's for 9:30, Tuesday -- May 2. (Yes, in the a.m.!) I'll fast after midnight and until going in -- just in case they want a blood draw.)

So, I got a lot done today, actually -- including this! (smile)

Tags: 2006, april-2006, doctor-appointment-2006

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