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Work, Lunch -- Sister Sue's House Tonight

Work today.

First thing I contacted PGE to get the details of our missing bill. For some reason it seems like the PGE (power) bill frequently goes missing. But it was very simple to phone and get an automated line that told me the current amount (Marilyn pays online, but needed to know how much).

My personal goal today was wrapped up in our new Barracuda SPAM blocker and getting the final kinks out for our office. There were several questions, so I ended up talking to the Barracuda support line.

First I had to get authorized by Kris (who was the only one on our account). I made the point to the support people that Kris works for me and not the other way around... hahaha...

After that they phoned again to now officially assist me. But I didn't have an online account, so Kris was going to need to do that, too. I did get a lot of information about the account, however. They're impressively helpful in my opinion!!! And I don't say that sort of thing easily, believe me.

After I have an account and am an admin, then I can set up accounts for every person in our office. After that I'll teach them how to log in via web browser and they can white list and black list as necessary.

Actually, we're all pretty impressed by Barracuda so far. It seems to work really well and to be a real time-saver.

It was POURING DOWN RAIN this morning and into the afternoon. Filthy weather! But Marilyn and I went out to Chinese anyway.

The office was having Chipotle, which Jeff had gone out to get and bring back. Marilyn and I joined the staff for some chips and brought our veggie burritos home for later. Then we walked to the restaurant in the rain! It was like trying to cross rivers at some points. Ugh. But I loved my meal and ate it ALL (which I rarely do). I'd barely eaten yesterday, so I was really hungry today.

I had LOW BLOOD SUGAR at around 5:30 in the morning. It was 69 and probably due to not eating enough yesterday...

We stopped and got Starbucks on the way back to the office. We're in love with the Holiday Flat White right now.

We went back to our work, planning to leave by 4:00, as we needed to stop home for food and be at Sue's house by 5:30 -- and the traffic to her house is horrible. Always, but especially during the holidays!

We had a bunch of stuff we'd gotten at Costco that we took over for Sue to serve. Candy was there when we arrived and we helped her set it up. There were lots of snack foods and cookies, all nice.

I had phoned June before leaving. She was waiting for Jim to get home from going to the doctor! He'd left for a 2:00 appointment and wasn't home yet, so she was worried. I told her I'd check with her later and then we departed. It was obvious they couldn't go with him not home... (I'd wanted to encourage them to arrive early if they were going, as it's hard for her to walk and there wasn't much parking right near the house.)

We got to meet a bunch of Sue's cribbage friends that we've never met before, like Martha and Katy. Sue hadn't decorated a jot for Christmas, nor did she have on any Christmas music. So we just talked and waited for the ships to come.

We couldn't see much when they did get there, as they were on the opposite side of the river. The map had shown them on both sides, but that didn't end up being the case.

Finally past 8:00 Marilyn and I departed and came home...

She's doing her hair now, and then I think we'll head to bed. It's past midnight now.

Chubby wanted a lot of attention while we were there. The poor thing seems to be having a lot of trouble breathing now. He's getting older and is obese. But he's still such a good boy. (When he's not clawing and biting, anyway. Hahaha.) I was trying to find out in my blog when they actually moved Chubby inside, but I couldn't, darn it. I'm the one who talked them into it, anyway...

Time to wrap up for today. Such a busy week!!!

Sweet dreams!
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