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My Fair Lady Tonight...

Marilyn and I had PLANNED to run errands and things (including shopping) today, but we were both not feeling all that well, to be honest. Still fighting our colds. Interestingly enough, these have never been HORRIBLE colds (in spite of all the running around we did in New York City in the cold -- or everything we've done here at home since). But we're both stuffed up and fatigued, more than anything else. So we took it very, very easy today. Watching TV and sleeping on and off. And playing some Zuma and messing with our iPads. That was our Marilyn Monday (and we're getting to the last of those!).

It was a gray day anyway, so I don't think we missed anything by not going out. We did NOT decorate our tree, but oh well. The HOUSE is decorated -- both living room and family room. And we have some if not all of our outdoor decorations up, too. So it's okay. Some years we've let the tree go with nothing but the lights, so that would be okay if it came down to it...

We're heading to bed shortly, as WE HAVE WORK TOMORROW. And aside from work, we're going to sister Sue's house to watch the Christmas Ships (she usually has people over every year).

She called to talk to me about coming tonight and has also asked June and Jim to come. I know she invites some of her cribbage friends, too. But she told me Larry and his family will NOT be there. I hope June and Jim do come. It's been years and years since we've gone (I can't even remember the last time!). But she does have a perfect spot to watch the ships.

I need to share news about Larry that's important, but I think I'll do so in a PRIVATE 'friends only' post, as it's complicated. Anyway, this news is probably impacting them not coming tomorrow. But they're coming over later in the week, so I guess it doesn't matter.

Marilyn and I were LOVING watching My Fair Lady (the movie) on TV -- and singing along with every single song. We know the entire thing by heart.

Interesting Note: When we were kids we could learn MUSICALS easily the first time we heard them!!! We'd go away singing all the songs and doing the harmonies from the get-go. I don't know how we did it, but it's true.

Anyway, it's a pleasure to revisit musicals we know so well and love to sing! Obviously we're not that sick if we're both able to sing...

Steven (at work) is bringing the kids in tomorrow to see us. He always tries to have them visit the two of us as we enjoy it so much! And Marilyn has promised me Chinese food for lunch (!!!), which I love.

But we'll need to leave early and on time to be at Sue's when we need to be!

Well, off to bed so we can get sleep before facing our busy day and night.

I do plan to go back and fill in as many days as possible for this month. I'd feel awful if I didn't record all the joy we had in NYC, for example.

My, I can't believe this year is almost over! We had some highs and many lows, but it has ended really well for the two of us.

I hope everyone is enjoying their holidays!!! I love you all.
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