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Off to NYC!

Marilyn and I started the day going over to see sister Sue -- to do her pills. But she still had ONE WEEK left -- meaning she's been lying about doing them. Oh well. I also packed up a bunch of food to give her to eat...

For the record, it's nearly 3:00 a.m. Now...

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for our NYC trip! We kept having to run here and there on errands. Back and forth to the store, downtown to the post office to mail a bill and so on. We even went to the festival office. (I won't mention needing to WORK both yesterday and today. Marilyn put an immediate stop to THAT, I can tell you!)

We both did laundry and packed our new suitcases. I gathered all the recycling and garbage which are waiting outside to go to the curb... And I cleaned the cat boxes and the cat water bucket. And set up food in four spots in the house (two up and two down), with loads of spare food. So all is ready, in other words. (June and Jim are kindly going to take care of our garbage for us.)

We ate some soup for a late dinner with saltine crackers. We haven't been eating all that much lately. We also had Starbucks today.

I organized my clothes a bit during all this -- what was staying home and what was going.

I FORGOT to change the light bulbs overhead in my bedroom! Annoying. But the lamp by the dresser and the lamp on the dresser are fine, so oh well... I need to be sure and tell Adeena. I also forgot to ask her about bringing in our mail! There's always something!

She'll tend the cats, making sure they have food and water. And scooping out their boxes. We'll leave the heat on for them so they'll be warm. Right now they're both lying sleeping together on the bed. But they clearly know we're leaving, and aren't happy...

Marilyn and I have both showered and washed our hair. I'm in my clothes for departing. I think Marilyn is half dressed. We're 'resting' a bit before departing. We need to leave around 4:00 a.m. for the airport.

We're both very excited! I can't ever remember being this RELAXED about the prospect of getting on a plane. I don't really care for flying, but am so thrilled to be going this time around!

I got NUMEROUS birthday greetings yesterday -- very nice! And I was included in John Erickson's Daily Drip, too -- which was very special! Marilyn did a wonderful BIRTHDAY Facebook post, as did several others. (I loved my PAUL McCARTNEY birthday cake from our neighbor Estelle!!!) All really lovely.

On that note, we'll be LEAVING very soon.

Stay warm and happy and have sweet dreams, dear friends!
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