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Amazing Day for the Festival -- Anniversary of George Harrison's Death

Briefly, today is the anniversary of George Harrison's death. While it can seem sad, he was actually very ready to move on to his 'next adventure,' and seemed to have a strong belief in a life after death. He passed in November of 2001 -- it's hard to believe it was that long ago. He was only 58. It seems very young to me as I approach 65 next week!

Today was a really wonderful day for the festival! We appeared before City Council at City Hall for two different matters. But we really had our ducks in a row! Wonderful speakers and everyone who did speak did a great job! Many great things were said about our organization after this by the members of the council. It couldn't have gone better.

The weather even cooperated with us. It was a dry day, so no fighting the rain as we walked to and from City Hall (woo hoo). We were in uniform, but I did wear my new coat to work today! It's quite warm -- I haven't had a nice warm coat in years.

I did walk out for lunch while Marilyn was in a two-hour meeting! I got my green beans and white rice again, which I love. Altogether I got more than 8,000 steps today! Unfortunately I was having leg cramps tonight, but they finally passed. I probably didn't have enough water today...

Marilyn and I went out in the afternoon down to Washington street to the jeweler there so she could get the batteries in her two watches replaced. Such nice people!

I got some website work done. And contacted TechSoup about the info that Carol needs (hopefully I'll hear back soon!). Tomorrow Kris will do the work on the Server for email SPAM. And I talked to Donn about coming in to do a project for me -- he's planning on Saturday. Lots of IT, in other words.

There was an evening meeting about the Auction than also ran quite long. (No, I wasn't in it, but Marilyn was.)

We left the office past 7:00, so it was a long day.

Marilyn and I are making a trip to New York City next week! It's Marilyn surprise for my 65th birthday -- isn't that nice? We're staying in a very nice hotel near Central Park -- and our flights both ways are non-stop, if you can believe that! We can't wait to see the tree!!!

We still need to get new luggage and know what we want. They now make stuff so light weight that you can lift it with a finger! Amazing. That means more weight spent on actual clothes, rather than the luggage.

We're only there a few days, but I bet we cram a lot in! We're good at that. Hahaha.

I also did more work on my Medicare/Medicaid stuff today. Not as easy as I had hoped. I guess we'll see how that goes!

Well, time for bed -- I'm tired tonight. I didn't sleep that well last night, for whatever reason.

Sweet dreams, all!
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